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ZR-7 03-08-2002 02:23 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X

Nice story! You have touched on the reason that I ride bikes: for the fun of it and memories. My log book is filled with great times and rides over the years.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy that thinks the world revolves around lap times, the new "'02 makes one HP more than a '01," etc. I could give a crap about how many .001's of a second faster each bike can go down a drag strip.

Taking a month long camping motorcycle vacation with a loved one or best friends is cherished. May be an all day ride through the mountains with the same group will generate memories that will last longer than any motorcycle.

I'd keep "Senor X" for the long haul.



obiwanrazzy 03-08-2002 04:13 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
MO, you just earned yer $12.

I've always relied on the quick reference aspect of this site, but this is the kind of depth and wellroundedness that makes it an actual online "magazine". You've arrived.

obiwanrazzy 03-08-2002 04:15 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
By the way... fix the link from the article to the "reader feedback". I guess there's always room for improvement, eh?

dickdastardly 03-08-2002 04:15 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Hah! I read the articles back in the eighties

(and still have them in the garage attic, probably). Now I want a damn steet single!

Maybe I'll convert my xr600....

Anyway, I've been wondering what MO was missing, and I just realized that a good editorial once in a while was just the thing.

Great to have you, keep up the good work.

PS, anyone have a cheap ascot 500 or srx for sale in NJ?

Viffer-dude 03-08-2002 04:17 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
John, beautiful story. I'm attached to an '87 VFR in much the same way - the rides it's collected over the years make the machine much more than just a bike. Part of the family, really.

I'm glad I kept reading towards the end. You can wax on philosophical any time. I wondered what all the banter was about when you came on board, but I must say after having read your first two articles that I'm damn glad I'm a subscriber. Keep it up!

DucButt 03-08-2002 05:00 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Right on, Burnsie. Great reading! minime: are you paying him enough? Give my 12 bucks to him, will ya. Take off one of those "Air Exxon Valdez" shoes you wear and pass it around - it's bound to hold quite a few Susan B Anthonys. You do remember those, right? I think Burns bought his first bike with a box full of them. In fact, I bet he still has a box full of them under his bed. By the way Burnsie, if you ever wad up Senor X, you can resurrect the thumper to power your boat - for when you really need to get away. Cheers.

Alohaterry 03-08-2002 05:10 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Okay Burnsie... I now have my $11.94's worth of good... no great writing. I see what you were talking about with being limited in your back page article's. It's true at times you need more than 900 words to develop an idea and expand on it just a little.

I remember one of Egan's articles when he talked about all of us being " caretakers of machinery ". We are, and by having this contact with the machines we leave a little of our life force with them and they leave a little of the theirs with us.

You have captured the essense of this part of life, and how machines become part of our own lives.

I look forward to more.


Patrick-of-the-Hills 03-08-2002 07:53 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Saw an SRX-6 for the first time about, oh, two years ago, and tried to buy it out from under the rider. Perfect little machine, total shame it's so rare.

Finished "Jupiter's Travels" today, paged through a bit of "The Motorcycle Diaries," then got to this; is it that motorcycles themselves aid in the creation of such ideas and feelings, or is it that the sport attracts people who have that kind of soul to start with, and focuses it? Makes me feel lucky to know about this, and more committed to it.

Oh, and sorry to hear about the home life; hope it gets better soon.

cdhjmatt 03-08-2002 10:23 PM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
1986 old??! Pish tush, young man. Why I was bolting up a 36mm Mikuni, Tommaselli clip-ons, quarter-turn throttle, an alloy swing-arm, rear-sets, S&W shocks, and a loud pipe on the SRX's forbear--the SR 500--way back in '78. It didn't stop there: binned the boat-anchor cast wheels, laced up alloy hubs and rims, spooned on some sticky rubber, oh my, that bike was a hoot.

At least I think it was...(if only I could remember)

pat2 03-09-2002 01:41 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
JB, all I can say is...

...ramble on my friend.


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