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ducatirdr 09-24-2002 08:52 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Just subscribed and I didn't go to the new bike reviews first. I had to read this article first. I remember seeing a new SRX at the Yamaha dealer when it was first out. I loved the thing but had to buy a big 1100 to prove my manhood as I was just a boy. I wish I could find one of these in good shape. Something about it's lines and simplicity have not gone out of style. With 600's making an easy 100hp it's time to put that technology into producing a super single. I'd be first in line to purchase one.

TD EX500 racer ;-)

ducatirdr 10-25-2002 07:39 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Hey saw this on EBAY

I wish I had some extra money I always wanted one of these bikes. Pure and simple.

weeds600 01-22-2003 11:07 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
This story made me subscribe ,as well as break out my 86 srx this winter for some tlc.Bought it the same time my 86 gixxer 1100 just for kicks .Now she is sportin fzr600 forks ,swingarm and a rz350 monoshock.The beautiful thing is these bike are huge in europe /japan tons of killer pipes and mods to be had.Thanx for lightin the fire again (guess my 2000 chief will sit this summer).

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