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navion_pa1 03-09-2002 01:11 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Good Story,

I used to think the active motorcyclsist was one of the best internet sites, and this story

gives a good introduction.

Mutoid 03-09-2002 01:40 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Wonderful story John. I'm not kidding, to me this is a gold medal, blue ribbon, A Number 1 piece of writing that had me feeling (at least I think perhaps) the same feelings you had while writing it.

I feel like by writing that, you have invited the readership here into friendship, and I'm gall durn proud to be a member and a part of MO.

Thanks tons.

ujm4ever 03-09-2002 02:12 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X

Long time fan. Great article. Thanks for the laughs. Motorcycles and the real world, moto journalism doesn't get any better than this. BTW, I feel your pain on the domestic front. Feel free to write if you need to chat, we're in the same "boat".


Double my subscription rate and send half of it to JB's Swiss bank account. (You do have one don't you John?)


jakerson 03-09-2002 02:49 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Nice work. Not really like Pirsig with his Platonic musings, but HEY JOHN, thats some nice work!

It reminds me that somehow rubber and metal and petro can manifest some sort of mysterious mojo that makes them more a part of our lives than any inanimate object ever should be. They pull memories out like a cheap dentist going at a wisdom tooth without the 'caine... you know you need it, and you know you are gonna feel something. (well... the 'caine is a good thing too)

Thanks for going digital. I hope your exodus shows the freedom, quality and inspiration produced when a good writer doesn't have to worry about NO Stinkin' word limit.

One question for all the rich playboys working ("working"?) there at MO: If you have this mysterious multi-billionaire pouring cash into MO, what good is my paltry 11.94 really going to do? Shouldn't we all be dipping at that billionaire's generosity? Heck, he could finance all of it, give us all refunds and call it a "tax write off." Creative accounting is really en vogue right now. :-)

Welcome you 2 wheel warrior. Write on!

luvmyvfr 03-09-2002 04:04 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
John - A great piece, it is a gift to be able to express ones feelings about a machine so well. I'm glad you can capture what I've felt about machines I've owned, and other things I've loved too, and forgot about, until I dug them out of a box or bin and tried them out again, realizing I was still in love with them.

MO - This type of writing is why I love reading about motorcycling and motorcyclists. It's even better than arguing the finer points of riding styles and aging in the feedbacks...

Keep it up guys, you're worth every penney.


einarsen 03-09-2002 04:50 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
I own a street (stock) SRX and I can attest that the bike is one of my all-time favourites. It's pure "motorcycle" ... very primal.

Anyway, for those interested in thumpers check out the mailing list at:

and the Thumper page at:


rcgolly 03-09-2002 05:00 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Yes! need more of this type of writing, can't get enough of it. Those articles are the first thing I read when I get a bike mag, after a quick scan of new bikes ... Keep it up and welcome aboard!

Apex_1 03-09-2002 05:58 AM

Welcome Smartass!
Well, I got about half way through that Senor X article, then had to leave because I was not in the mood for that rambling right now--I'll check it out later. But I did want to welcome Burnsie to MO. In his Motorcyclist column a couple of months ago he basically said he would have to tone it down. Now hopefully, he will not. I just hope he does not decide to return and leave the old rag again and again like TC seemed to do. Hopefully we'll see lots more of JB now and that his considerable talents and unrelenting propensity to be a smartass will once again make MO a daily read.

onedownfourup 03-09-2002 06:29 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Welcome aboard, JB. You are the reason I finally broke down and subscribed. Looking forward to more from you, and possibly other underappreciated touchy-feelies. I'm a 46 year old Road King owner. I put major miles on my bike throughout the Southwest. If I'm scraping footpegs with the engine at redline, something's probably gone horribly wrong. Your well-written pieces are just what I'm looking for. Keep 'em coming!

Elseanno 03-09-2002 06:29 AM

Re: Further Adventures of Senor X
Right on! I remember when those bikes came out.....This crazy old french hairdresser that lived nextdoor to me bought one. I thought it was the coolest. This article is giving me a boner to rebuild my poor old SR 500........I have an aquaintance with an SR pumping 70 hp and eating monsters, R6's and anybody that isn't club racer or better........This guy is 65 and his bike sounds like a motorcycle. I wonder if he'd help me build it......

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