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chadhargis 03-01-2002 05:27 PM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
Wow! The FJ is quite a fine piece of work. If I hadn't just have purchased a new 1150RT last October, I'd be drooling all over one.

Honda and Yahama have been doing a fine job of trying to out do the BMW R1150RT. I looked at several bikes before choosing the Beemer, and all of them were faster and lighter (except the ST1100 which was a bit heaver, but more powerful). None of the bikes I test rode inspired more confidence than the BMW. Those RT brakes are simply magic.

Sure, the FJR will blow my hard cases off. Call it the "old fogey" in me, but theres more to motorcycling than just speed. Spend considerable time on an RT and you'll know what I mean.

Reality_Check 03-01-2002 07:32 PM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
If other modern Yammies are any guide, expect 26k miles between adjustment intervals.

Now, are these 145 horsies and 92 ft*lbs at the crank, or the rear wheel? I know they're not out to build another Blackbird or Busa here, but considering the engine displacement, would hope that these numbers would be at the rear end. If not, then expect considerable losses, and rear wheel numbers similar to the (also) shaft driven V-Max, ~115 hp and 84 ft*lbs. Certainly not disappointing, but way below the potential of this engine's displacement. Think of the recent ZX1200R's dyno output, 167 rwhp and (95?) ft*lbs. Yeah, I know this one is designed for higher-mileage touring duty, but still.....

Anyway, I sure do wish I could have seen one in the flesh. Why in God's name didn't Yamaha put one in the Cycle World Show circuit? I want one, but am unsure whether I'd gamble $500 sight-unseen.

sarnali 03-02-2002 03:11 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback

conan 03-02-2002 04:52 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
Looks like a very up-dated Concours. I have been waiting for something like this. Kawaski, are you listening?

cnelms 03-02-2002 05:02 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
No. Yamaha's timing sucks in your case.

cnelms 03-02-2002 05:05 AM

Re: Where's the ABS option?????
Lighten up Francis, at least its coming.

Yamaha is in business. Supply chain changes require planning. They can't just decide to ship the European bikes here and have it happen the same day.

cnelms 03-02-2002 05:10 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
At the risk of camping on to the overall sentiment, I will. The motorcycle show was just here (St. Louis) last weekend where I spoke to one of the factory reps. We need to show Yamaha that they made the right decision bringing this beauty to US.

My delight at seeing the ST1300 at the show is now rapidly fading at this FANTASTIC news.

All this and the price is right as well.

cnelms 03-02-2002 05:19 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
The position of the factory rep I spoke to last weekend in St. Louis was that BMW riders comprised a very different market from other riders in that they are very unlikely to come away from BMW for any reason or product offered. They probably have their numbers (unfortunately) right on this and their rationale as well.

The fact that they are, what I consider, test marketing the FJR here means they are responding somewhat to the motorcycling publics opinion on the matter and reacting from the hunch on this one. They could easily trump Honda on this one at this time, because the ST1300 isn't coming here soon either.

I personally wish them the best of luck. I have some serious soul searching to do about this bike now.

cnelms 03-02-2002 05:24 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
Which is precisely why those of us must pony up and own the FJR ASAP. It is also why MO and all others must get a comparo out ASAP. Yamaha's marketing machine can only do so much. There is no substitute for word of mouth, getting out and riding with others, evangelizing the FJR at every possible instance.

The trick of this will be to keep the numbers up for several years straight. I personally believe that the FJR is a fantastic opportunity to tour with my wife riding along, yet without the 'fogey' label that is implicit in something like a Gold Wing. Too young for that now.

drop14 03-02-2002 06:18 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 reader feedback
Wow. You still have your Vision? I thought I was the only one. I had a Venture and a Vison at the same time. I could take more miles per day on the Vision, but more days on the Venture. I sold the Venture after getting married and partner wouldn't take trips on it anymore. Since becoming single again, I've wanted it back. I haven't been impressed enough with what's out there when comparing the Vision and what they cost. Maybe the FJR1300 will have what it takes. The Brit road test I read on the web was mostly fluff and praised about everything, but MO may do a more critical job when they get one.

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