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Default Oh, yeah, styling...

I gotta admit, the Duc has it over the Sv for styling, but not by much. I like the delicate lines and details on the Duc, but there are some clumsy parts, and it still says "parts bin", even after 9 years.

The matte black Ducs just don't look that good in person, either. They just look cheap, I have to say. Ironically, my bike is matte black, but well, ship happens. I made mine matte black in the garage, Duc does it in the factory. What's their excuse?

I agree that style and personal preference is a very important consideration for a street or even a racing bike, but what truly endears a bike to its master after a few thousand miles is the bike's functionality. Sure, styling might get the bike into one's garage, but just like a beautiful woman picked up in a bar, you still gotta live with it every day.

Is the SV the Hyundai of the motorcycle world? Does that make Ducati the Fiat?
Gabe Ets-Hokin

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Default Why not include both?

Good point - why not include the Monster 620 and 750, and maybe even the air cooled 900 vs. the SV650?

If you really want to make it good, do all the little mods everyone does with certain bikes. I always have to shake my head when magazines compare stock Harley's with the Japanese competition - like anyone on the road keeps their Harleys stock. MO was the only mag that pointed this out, but you still never actually tested the bikes that way.

In this case that means stuff like shimming the needles, putting in 17.5 pilot jets, and setting the screws to 2.5 turns on SV650's (parts - about $7.50; improvement - priceless). I'm sure there's a set of "standard mods" for Ducati's that everyone who buys one does as well. This would better represent real-world configurations of the bikes.
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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 i.e. Reader Feedback

Thanks minime. For what it's worth, I loved the Foggy interview. From years of watching him race and hating the bugger, I now find myself liking him more and hoping he'll do well, if only for the variety his bikes will add to the grid and the fact he's giving Corser a last chance.

Please keep doing stories like that. They will contribute to me renewing my subscription next year.

Just as an aside, I was hoping you'd hold any comparisons you'd do with the CBR954 back a bit until I cleared my credit card debts. I could only just fit that $50AUD on my card but I had to do it anyway.

So do you have a comparo planned with more open class bikes against the 954 that will also have a track element?
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Default hang on a second...

Reciprocating mass? - I suspect they meant spinning mass, contributing to gyroscopic force that affects a motorcycles ability to turn.

Sprung to unsprung mass will affect the way an imperfect surface of other inputs affect the suspension performance.

Simply, the lighter the wheel/brake/tyre etc components are compared to the frame/engine/bodywork etc components, the easier it is for the suspension to work and the smoother the ride can be.....

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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 i.e. Reader Feedback

I appreciate your position on being concerned about what is popular and what is not. I myself subscribed to read comparos and bike reviews. But, as a university professor, I can see the benefits of a little subsidy flowing from what is popular to what is good or interesting. It happens here all the time. Large sections of required or popular courses pay the way for path less chosen. It isn't easy making those calls, but then life, and an online 'zine, is more than the easy calls, isn't it?

Your fan,

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Default Cagiva Raptor 650

How come no one's talkin' 'bout the Cagiva Raptor 650 (or the V-raptor 650 for that matter) ? It's got italian looks and the SV650 engine. Satisfied everyone?
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Default Re: Monster, FXDX, YZF, oh my!

Do you have a car? Are you making payments on it? If you do and you are it's simple, sell it. Problem with money solved. This will also free up the space in the garage for the bikes.

If you must have a cage, months worth of snow and or ice on the roads, get something cheap that you don't have to make payments on.

I took this step in Oklahoma where the weather allows for almost year around riding. When the weather does get impassable by two-wheels or the occasion otherwise demands it I get to my local National rent-a-car agent and get something nice.

Just a thought.

Cages are for Hamsters!
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Default Re: Cagiva Raptor 650

Isn't it even available as a gray import?
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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 i.e. Reader Feedback

Who are you kidding? Telling yourself that your bike has character, style, exclusivity etc when you've just been blown off by some squid on a ten-year-old rattler with twice the horsepower at a fifth of the price doesn't take away the pain all that much. Especially when it happens every time you take a ride. Speed and power isn't everything, I agree.. but it's about ninety percent of it, and deep down, we all know that. Including the squid who just beat you.
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Default Wrong.

So you race "some squid" on public streets "every time you take a ride"? How does it feel to BE a squid--soon to be without a license and/or soon to be without several vital organs donated to somebody who will hopefully make more sensible use of them?

For most riders who aren't out there giving the rest of us a bad name "speed and power" only means "is there enough of it for the riding I do?" Nothing more. It sure ain't 90% of the equation. For real riders who want to impress somebody, an IronButt patch makes a helluva lot more statement than being the moron who beat the idiot who beat the imbecile who beat the retard at a stoplight.
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