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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 i.e. Reader Feedback

We can see not only how many current subscribers have read a particular story, but we can also see how many people subscribed in order to read a particular story. Given that, once we've determined how many people read a story and how much revenue it immediately generated, we then weigh that against what it cost us to produce or procure from a freelancer.
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Default Re: UNfair SV comparo?

I'll take Huss's point as a jumping off opportunity...

not that I'm directing my comments to you Huss,

but of course feel free to reply

And its a damned shame that the Due was finished off

so badly!... I wanted that bike to succeed SOOOO

much!.. but only because I secretly entertained

the hope that I could someday pick up a used one

10 years down the road for MAYBE half the asking

price when new! Guess I'll just have to make

due (pun intended?!) with my trusty ol' TZR

that ought to smoke (literally and figureatively!)

this Duc620. I do like the little Duc though,

even if the SV is a better buy/bike... the Duc

has nicer styling to my eye. All the hypocrites

be damned... styling makes SOME difference to us

all or else bikes wouldn't be painted like they

are or be voted 'most beautiful'. Imagine a world

of completely formless bikes!.. ugly. It's the

same reason the fair women get all the attention.

.. folks should stop denying that we like

good looking bikes already!

I find it funny that people are quick to trash

a budget-ended bike based on it's looks (i.e.,

"bike is all looks, no perf.") but drool

all over themselves at the sight of the 916+

series Ducs or MV F4's, yet those bikes are also

out performed by Gixxers etc... . Why can't folks

just admit that they like the looks of a bike that

may just happen to underperform the class-leader?

Very few among us can wring the last 5% out of any

bike anyway, so the perf. diffs are largely on

paper. If there were so many hot-shots on this

site, the racing coverage wouldn't be second-


Anyway!...enough of my 1/2-a-coff-of-cuppee rambling!

Stinkwheels rule! .. damn the EPA! (sit down you envrio-folks, no one said 'burn the Earth' )

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Default Disk Brakes & Reciprocating Mass

I noticed this too, but after thinking about it the answer became evident. When the wheel is rotating the disks are contributing to rotating mass which can affect handling due to centrifugal force. When the wheels are moving with the front forks over bumps the disks, calipers, etc. are contributing to the reciprocating mass of the wheel/fork assembly. They also add to the unsprung weight of this assembly. This affects handling by controlling the front tire contact patch. Simple dynamics.

My two cents.
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Default Re: To you Sir, I say: Ha!

Gabe--You, sir, have rendered, perhaps the most thoughtful, well-written analysis of the pending comparison between the Duc and the SV I have read on the board. However, one quibble: Yes, most modern motorcycles are great, and one would be hard-pressed to make a "bad" purchase on anything from a (B)uell to a (Y)amaha. However, if we were merely interested in paying the least for the most features, we would all drive Hyundais. Bikes, more than any other form of transportation, define us in ways that few other things do. Thus, the 'boy-racer" on the R1 whose ability will never approach the bike's performance, still antes up the big bucks to cruise around the streets with his buddies. I don't judge him anymore than I would the Harley rider with the chaps and leather saddlebags. I merely acknowledge that for each of them, like me, a bike is so much more than steel and rubber. Thus, while it appears that the SV will dust the 620i.e. based purely on the specs, I have a strange feeling that this comparo will be fairly competitive, because in the real world, one cannot simply dismiss the advantages in styling and panache that a Duc has over most bikes, even one as terrific as the SV650.
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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 i.e. Reader Feedback

Three years ago (almost to the day) I got back into it all by buying a used M600. I hadn't ridden in so long that I didn't trust myself to get it home alive / intact, so I asked the seller to drop it off for me. As I was giving him a lift home he said "You'll want something faster in six months". Six WEEKS later I traded it in for a M900. (Though the ****e electrics had something to do with that too.)

If you want the show, get the S4. That way you get into the church without having to sleep through the sermon. If you want the go, get something Japanese.

Mind you, that was six bikes,and a lot of money ago, so if you haven't got the sickness yet ...

My tuppenny ha'worth.
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Default Racing story


I guess that there might be some "lag" before you get thoses story profitable.

The Foggy interview was ok, some others names might be even more interesting for your audience.

The Ronron report on Indy was great and I'm looking forward to more.


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Default Design vs. Performance vs. Price

I agree in large part with what yr saying about pretty bikes being okay for those of us that can't wring the top 5% out of a bike anyway. My only caveat would be that all those beautiful bikes with lower performance cost more than uglier bikes. Is design more important than performance? I don't think so. I personally would love to throw down the scratch for a 998 if it were same price as a Gixxer. But it's $7300 more expensive. I'd be paying a huge chuck of change (not even counting higher maintenance) for a pretty bike.
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Default Re: UNfair SV comparo?

After having raced an SV, I can say that a Race Tech (~200) job on the forks, a good shock (~$500) and SS brake lines (~$50) makes it a fabulous handling bike.

The forks are only slinky with the stock springs. Fix 'em and they are great. The shock is not as big of a deal. The brakes? The SS lines and OEM pads had me (not a fast racer, mind you) outbraking 600's into corners.

Sound? Pipe it and it sounds better than a 748 IMHO.

This doesn't mean the Duc is a bad bike. I'm just saying that the Quality Parts, Performance and Experience thing is not squarely in the Duc's corner.

It looks great and I'm sure it is a fun bike.
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Default Re: Design vs. Performance vs. Price

Absolutely agree in that 'why pay a LOT more for less performance' issue. But, this 620 is barely ..what .. $1K more (Dark version), if that?

At that point, the relative difference in performance v.s. price is not that out of kilter. And yeah, the extra $$ could be used to make an SV that much better I suppose. I'd counter with the point that adding on 20% more performance may still only result in an additional 10% 'performance extraction' quotient for the -average- rider that ain't a racer. I probably wouldn't even touch the stock SV since it'd already do everything I'd ask it to anyway. Yeah, pocketing the extra $$ is fine too, but I'm not hurting -that- bad for $$, and if I was, I wouldn't be looking at either bike. I'd get some kind of GS500 or Nighthawk 750 : bullet-proof and dead reliable, arguably more functional... which is what a bucks-down guy is probably aiming for anyway.

So, were I in the market for a small v-twin, I'd call the SV and 620-D a wash and wind up picking the one I think looks best if only b/c, to me, the performance I could extract out of either would be the same. But of course, I'm no racer either.

However, you do have a good point about the maintenance... and we all know Ducs cost $$ to keep up. I'd have to factor that in against the 'beauty appeal' of the bike I suppose. What's the valve-adj. schedule on a Duc?

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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 i.e. Reader Feedback

Seruzawa says, speaking of v-twin crusiers: "Even the fastest latest ones are easy meat for a 20 year old Suzuki 1100E."

--Easy meat? What, are you racing everybody from stoplight to stoplight? Just because somebody buys, or in this case, thinks about buying an M620 doesn't make them a poser. Buying for all-out speed IS very "poserish" if I do say so myself. Some people may like the Ducati because it's different from everything else on the road (Japaneese/American), has a sound that would blow away an SV650 and it looks the business. Some people don't mind being "easy meat" if their bike has a bit of character.
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