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Originally Posted by Neal View Post
You are way off base here Mole. I work for the Navy....they put great emphasis in safety while on duty. Ther emphasis on safety while off duty (while I dont agree with all their methods)is to be commended. it is not limited to Motorcycle safety. Troops are constantly barraged with training and messages concerning holiday safety,drinking and driving,home safety,etc.Remember,many of these kids are right out of high school,away from parental supervision for first time. Save your anti military /administration views for topics where they are applicable and you may not make yourself such an easy target for Seruzawa's derision.

It was just a statment, and a question. I'am not anti military, just seems they are more concerned with getting their worth out of them.
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As I gave today's reoccurent safety training brief on hearing conservation I watched their eyes glaze over. I jack them up in the shop when I see them not using their PPE. I can watch over them on the job. I can't talk them out of the 600 for a first bike. The training is good only if taken to heart, and some do. You can't protect people from themselves, well you could but then you'd be one of them ...
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Why their heads on a pike of course. If I thought it would do any good.
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