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Originally Posted by mscuddy View Post
..well at least they didn't have to go through REHAB, where some sadistical nurse comes in at 4 am every morning for the BOWEL PROGRAM..

Ooh, your fingers are cold...what's that hose for?

Jeeze swabby, you act like you didn't enjoy it !!!
"Carpe` Throttelum -Loud Suits Save Lives"

"He said he's farting because of his medication"...
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Default Crabs in a bucket, dude.

Originally Posted by BrowningBAR View Post
The posted comments on the article are really cute too. Here's a good one:
"Motorcycles=bad/stupid. They don't deserve respect from cars because they so often break the rules themselves, weaving in and out of traffic and passing where they shouldn't be. This isn't a tragedy, it's a blatant act of stupidity. Anyone who gets on a motorcycle should apologize to friends and loved ones if they have them because they'll likely leave them very upset in the end."
Pretty much all of the posts on this article had the same tone as the one above.
Crabs in a bucket. Tie wearing drones. Better to take a few risks than be for all intents and purposes dead already.

Be a good citizen. Work and obey your masters and maybe you will live long enough to collect your social security and spend your entire 401K on doctors in your old age, having accomplished nothing to be remembered by. And that's only if your masters don't ruin all your savings in the next criminal financial scandal they bail out.

See what most cagers have to look forward to? I pity them.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Originally Posted by sarnali2 View Post
But he has a SILVER KAWASAKI and he's a FOOTBALL STAR and he's got long blonde hair and he's gonna be RICH !!!!!!!!!!

How could she refuse that?
Yeah, I am a hater. Am I being too cold? Is my profession making me bitter? I love my job, but it's becoming tiresome. I was a bailbondsman in a previous life and left because I thought that dealing with ignorance every day was making me something I didn't want to be. Now, 8yrs into my motorcycle insurance agency, I feel I'm in the same situation. Companies like GE & HSBC make it sooooo easy to get loans that salespeople just push the paperwork nowadays. Used to be a real salesperson would ask questions and use guidance to sell a bike. There used to be an actual effort in the past to put people on bikes that fit the customers experience level and needs. Now the need for the best "play pretty" (my little girls words) wins over common sense. It's ashamed.
"Slack" - a state of being in which everything flows smoothly.....a frame of mind so at ease that the universe naturally cooperates.
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Maybe I have an old-fashioned view of how you treat women and kids, but I'd never let one ride as a passenger on my bike without a helmet. (Actually, I'd make any passenger on my bike wear a helmet.) He was a squid, and she was stupid to get on the back of his bike without any gear, but in my opinion the majority of the blame rests with him. Of course, if he had been a responsible rider, he wouldn't have been riding recklessly in the first place. Is it too much to ask of a 19 year old college football player to be a responsible rider? (somewhat rhetorical question)
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