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Default Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Crosscage

From a strange source, AutoBlog:

Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Crosscage
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"but single-sided forks have not yet hit the masses."
-Someone should have told yamaha that 15 years ago.

Nice looking concept bike, though. Usually alt-fuel concepts and production models tend to by hideous looking/star-trekky/lame looking
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Default The "Bi Plane"?

Hopefully they can combine the two concepts into one rolling hemmiroid called the "BI CAGE". You know, the place where transexual felons go.

Man, just when I thought retro, work on it yourself, simple bikes were on the re-bound...

Didn't the Confedrate folks do something similar a few years back? Or maybe it was the French.
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Ick. On both.
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