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Default Motorcycle Runs on Salt Water!

How long will it be before your bike's fuel tank is filled with salt water and a powerful radio frequency generator?

Radio frequencies help burn salt water - Yahoo! News

Even as we speak, an evil cabal of oil sheiks and Western energy barons is meeting in a tower in Dubai, plotting to quash this research.

(NOTE: I know that salt water is one word; I had to split it into two words to get it past the auto-censor, which discovered the word **** in the middle of the word sal****er.)
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So, the RF energy breaks down the Sal-TWA-Ter into hydrogen. Isn't that electrolysis? Hmm, how much energy is being used to generate sufficient RF energy to release the hydrogen? Last time I checked, the law of Conservation of Energy hadn't been repealed.

However, I'm working on a cold-fusion powered Panhead in my garage. You put coffee grounds and Diet Coke into the dual tanks, which feed the Recombinant Fusion Generator. I can't tell you any more just yet, it's all very hush-hush till the patents are finished up.
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Paging Kpaul! Cleanup on aisle 7!
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