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Originally Posted by kavenger View Post
Now most states require only a min of $10,000 in liability insurance. In mscuddy's case that is all the driver had and mscuddy settled out of court for that.
More and more states are requiring $25k in liability. My own Agent (State Farm) recommended double that to me - reason being that there are a LOT of vehicles out there worth much more than $25k, and it's only like 10% more to double it.

And in mscuddy's incident, the driver had NOTHING - it was $10k from a State-run fund that he accepted, IIRC. It was that, or a very high chance of nothing at all.

I'd still feel like Murder, or at least a good maiming............
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My folks were hit on my dad's bike a while ago, and the guy who was driving was a yound, inexperienced driver, with no money and no insurance. My folks got totally hammered on that deal.

I often wish that actual driving skills were taught and encouraged, and not just learning how to pass the test, but I keep forgetting that U.S. citizenship guarantees the right to drive a car. It must have been made an ammendment to the Constitution, because that's how everyone seems to act. As for a mode of transportation that actually requires skill and knowledge, like motorcycling, well we are just stupid for not swathing ourselves in a steel cocoon and allowing the car to park itself.
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