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Default Re: Anyone Know A Good Back Roads Mapping Service?

Why would you want to avoid unpaved roads?
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Default Re: Anyone Know A Good Back Roads Mapping Service?

Wow, I cannot believe you people have not heard of DESTINATION HIGHWAYS!!! They're awesome. They rate the route for tons of different factors, like curves ,scenery, pavement quality, etc. Check out their website.
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Default Re: Anyone Know A Good Back Roads Mapping Service?

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. BTW: I need to clarify - I am looking for a service that covers that area I live, in NC and surrounding areas. I just thought this being the internet and all, there could be someone from Europe, Asia, or Africa on here and I do plan to stay in North America (US and Canada) for the time being - so I my request was/is for a services that cover the US, especially NC (not excluding NC). I often combine a motorcycle ride with a trip (example: I have to go somewhere, so why not take the motorcycle, and since I am on the motorcycle, why not leave early and go a more fun way? But that means I actually have to get there. I also do that thing where I just make a turn and ride a road to see where it goes - but that does not work so well when I need to be somewhere 200 miles away and want to get there before dark). Anyway - I am still reading all the responses to my original post and checking out the links. I really appreciate how many people are willing to put in their two cents and help me out. Thanks!
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