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Default Re: Your Favorite POS Bike.

I livr in Burbank, Ca, And I'll lrt it go for $400.00 as is. (pretty rough, but runs ok)
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Default Re: Your Favorite POS Bike.

"the original tires were still on her ! Hard like rock. Cracked like old concrete."

Should've ridden it hard on 'em first, JUST to see the looks on your buddies faces as they were being pelted with chunks of rubber............
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Default Re: Your Favorite POS Bike.

Believe it or not: my 1978 GL1000. Can't believe I'm calling it 'simple' - I have a spare set of '79 carbs which I rebuilt myself, probably the most fun I've ever had during 20 hours marked mostly by cursing - but compared to my Firebolt, it fits. No need for a $250 dongle to zero the throttle position sensor. And no timing issues since I put in a Dyna S in place of the points.

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Default Pos Bike?

Wow, where does one start, 96 Kaw 1500 Vulcan Classic, I bought with a salvage title on what I thought was a steal, did a lot of research and found that the original owners ex wife had taken a baseball bat to it.....ouch. i had constant problems shifting to 2nd, 1st gear slips, had wrong front wheel when I bought and no drive for speedo, fuel guage read wrong,way wrong. Looked good... from 20 ft away. But it would run forever, and I sold it for more than I bought it for. How about a 125cc Predator, sold thru Checker auto parts, had more rattles than an infant and things just kept falling off. Cheap,Chinese POS, but hey it was real checp, only $400 and I sold it for that so no loss, except brain cells. Then there is a 81 Suzuki 750, traded my 80 Yamaha IT-425 for it straight across, ugly,heavy,but starts and runs all day. Worst of the bunch was a early AMF Harley 90cc dirtbike I had. No power,not really that functional, but, hey I was 12 and at the time I thought it was better than sex, of course at 12 what did I know.
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I once bought 4 CB550 & 750 mid 70's bikes for a whopping $900. All running. All with no leaks. All needed minor things. I bombed around on those things for 2 years and sold them off one at a time for about $500 each. Then there was the 69/71 Triumph. Gas and oil to be added at every 120 miles. Great bike for the mechanically inclined.
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A very well used '86 ZX1000R Ninja back in '90. My daughters were both babies so I didn't have a lot to spend. I got it for $1500 from about the 4th or 5th owner, each one had beat it a little worse. The biggest problem was it had pod filters and a full exhaust complete with a piece of shim stock bailing wired to the back of the radiator to keep the pipes from cooking it. The can on it was a Yoshi that went on something else, I never figured out what. In the 4 years I owned it I scrounged up a stock airbox and the correct exhaust and fixed a hundred other jury-rigged "performance mods" until it was a pretty decent bike although it occasionally cut out for no apparent reason. It always restarted so I think they had played with an ignition advancer or something. I finally sold it and bought a CBR900RR, kept that for awhile and bought a '97 VFR which was another POS...
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Man this thread really brought out some 1-post trolls....
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