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Gluge 12-28-2006 11:03 PM

Re: Lay-R-Down
I actualy have seen that out at WSIR once... no kidding I'd do it if I could when crashing!

Gluge 12-28-2006 11:26 PM

Re: New Data from Instructor Seruzawa's Cruiser School
true a bike with a longer wheel base will have a more effective rear brake due to more weight being on the rear tire. Blut equaly true that a sport bike with a shorter wheel base while lacking rear brake effectiveness gains front brake effectiveness.

So there is a equal trade off bettween front and rear brakes based on weight distribution (usualy effected by wheel base) This trade off really doesn't matter at all and shouldn't effect stoping distances untill.......

they shorten it so much the bike lifts the rear wheel before locking the front so much that you can't brake for fear of doing an end over end. At this point a bike that keeps the rear down a little better is going to win out.

That said sport bikes are probably shorter than they should be for ideal braking but proper body positioning should fix that... or at least come really close.

IMHO sport bikes are still going to be safer.

FYI - also streets tend to have less traction than a track... they tend to be dirty, uneven etc. so a shorter wheel base is even more ok in these conditions.

I've practiced emergency braking several times on my Ninja 500 and it definatly locks the front before flipping end over end.

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