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Default Re: Victory Garners 5 Stars From JD Power Study Results.

LOL good one
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Default Re: No problems with *your* bike? Really?

Yeah Foxy, as strange as it sounds, some people actually do own motorcycles, even on this thread. I own two, Fat Boy and Kawasaki H-2

- cruiz-euro
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Default Re: Victory Garners 5 Stars From JD Power Study Results.

I owned a 99 Victory, that I bought new from the dealer, for 6 years. Let's see now... it leaked gas from a T connection under the gas tank that had to be repaired frequently; it had false neutrals between gears; the gear shift fell off one day as I rode down the road; the front brake "loped" althought the dealer swore the disk rotor wasn't warped; it vibrated so bad you couldn't see anything in the mirrors and my feet got numb unless I wore soft rubber soled boots; the kickstand spring broke; the headlight constantly vibrated loose; it ate batteries at the rate of one per year. Yeah, what a wonderful product. Worst bike of the eight I have owned in 30 years of riding. I finally parked it for three years before getting rid of it. They won't see me again in spite of all the hype. I went back to metric bikes.

By the way - the dealer, who carried only Victory and claimed he was the biggest in the South, went out of business.
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