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gbrummett 12-14-2006 07:49 AM


Hum... let me guess, nobody cares!!!

Buzglyd 12-14-2006 07:54 AM

Re: Hum...
Well I guess this isn't the biggest dirt site.

I guess we can all rage on about global warming and taxes.

BrowningBAR 12-14-2006 08:10 AM

Re: Hum...
Oh I care.

I just don't think my normal sarcasm and crude humor is appropriate for this subject.

The_AirHawk 12-14-2006 08:14 AM

Re: Hum...
Over here as well.

mscuddy 12-14-2006 08:16 AM

Re: Greatest Day Ever
Yep, he stunned them all. Moates was on a Yamaha, right?

Hmm, the big five-oh is right around the corner for me too. And I'll be 51 when this last ticket clears off my record, sould I live that long.

Maybe he's roosting Wyman Purdy somewhere up on cloud 9. Godspeed Marty.

pplassm 12-14-2006 08:35 AM

Re: Hum...
I don't get it. I like all aspects of motorcycling. How can you be so one-dimensional?

Buzglyd 12-14-2006 08:47 AM

Re: Greatest Day Ever
I think the most amazing thing is that he was a privateer.

An American would have eventually won but to do it on your own dime is incredible.

LightninRVF750 12-14-2006 09:45 AM

Re: Greatest Day Ever
Not to take anything away from Marty Moates, but...

I guess Marty Tripes who won the 250 class in 1978 doesn't count?

The Flying Burrito, as he was called in those days before political correctness, trained with Joel Robert in Europe, did well over there, and yes, won the U.S. Grand Prix of Motocross in 1978. Many, including Bob Hannah, consider the big man the most gifted American rider ever.

Unfortunately, his refusal to play the political game (Honda doesn't appreciate when you put your team logo over the Honda logo on the tank even when you win the moto) and his inability to control his appetite made his career all too short.

maladg 12-14-2006 10:55 AM

Re: Greatest Day Ever
Lets recall that Moates' big win came at a time when it was suspect if Americans could consistently win at Motocross OR Road Racing on the world stage.

Moates broke the barrier on the dirt, Cal & Kenny on the asphalt.

What a sad end. Why hasn't the bike racing community come up with a more systematic way of financially assisting former racers who have serious health issues arising from their glory years. Wins on Sunday, Sells on Monday! MIC, where ARE you???

maladg 12-14-2006 10:56 AM

Re: Hum...

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