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obandoj 11-06-2006 05:10 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
The Valkyrie is not my cup of tea as far as bikes to own, having said that, I have worked on and ridden a few of them, and was allways very impressed by the performance and handling of such a big beast, if honda made one with newer technology and the 1800 motor for a power plant it would be a force to be reconed. I think they would sell quite well.

My two cents.

boru4761 11-06-2006 05:12 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
As a big fan of 'different' engines (i.e. not a narrow angle v twin or an inline four), I say 'Hell yeah!'

As a realist with some mild understanding of what drives this market, I would say 'don't hold yer breath.'

The Valk was and is a great bike but the naked Goldwing would just steal sales from their VTX line right now.

seruzawa 11-06-2006 05:20 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
The motorcycle public has already voted with their dollars.

bigjames 11-06-2006 05:33 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
A while back I was standing around waiting for a toy run to start with a bunch of my Harley Riding friends. Some of these guys are "patch holders". One of them saw the Valk Interstate and said "If I didn't have this path, I would be on one of those". That kinda speaks volumes to me. This guy was one of "those" Harley riders, and he liked the Valk. I like it too and would consider it if there was a new one available, but there is not...and probably will not be one. Guess I'll keep my Harleys and Beemers...they at least make what the customers want.

Steve781 11-06-2006 05:34 AM

Favorite Cop Bike
The Harris County Sherrifs deputies seem to love them. I saw one this morning on the way in. He followed me all the way into town on the HOV.

Would it sell enough to re-release it? Probably not. As pointed out, it would likely canabilize sales from the VTX and goldwing.

Buzglyd 11-06-2006 05:34 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
I don't see it happening. I liked the Valk when it came out because it wasn't a Harley copy. The flat six sounds cool with some pipes too.

H-D has its customers trade in old bikes for new ones even though they don't change very much. The Big Four hasn't mastered this yet except for sportbikes.

I imagine a Valk owner would be perfectly content to hang on to his bike forever unlike the squids who have to have the latest and greatest every year.

electraglider_1997 11-06-2006 05:36 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
But Lindsay Lohan has gotten better with age.

bigjames 11-06-2006 05:37 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
Really? Then why do they seem to be everywhere? Honda dealer down here couldn't keep them in stock! Must have been another one of those "if it doesn't sell in Cali" things... Sure see a lot more Valks than Runes! (as in I have seen exactly 2 on the road) Almost as many Valks as big Shadows! Go figure. Market Research is a lot like any other stat, they tell you what you want them too...

bigjames 11-06-2006 05:38 AM

VTX is a pig!
Any bike that gets that bad of gas mileage needs to be relegated to a museum...

seruzawa 11-06-2006 05:49 AM

Re: Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One?
I guess Valks are a "Cali only" thing because I've only seen about one of them on the road. If they were selling well all over the place I doubt that Honda would drop them. 'Course weirder things have happened. Like when Honda decided that V4s were the wave of the future and dropped all the I-4s at once. What a boondoggle that was.

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