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Default Re: 100,000 Miles!

LOL . At my current rate 120 miles weekend 16 year or 833 weekends, smart ass_
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Default Re: 100,000 Miles!

Nice straw man argument KP.

I haven't heard anyone say Jap bikes aren't reliable.

They are disposable though. If something other than brakes go south on your Ninja, you'll find out.
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Default Re:Kirk the creator...


You "bruise" the Vodka that way..............
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Default Re: 100,000 Miles!

It must be getting pretty common, have done it twice on bikes of different brands, still have them both! Just ride the crap out of them, feed them oil often and wash them enough so your favorite mechanic won't ***** too much when it eventually needs attention, and it will.

My advice, put another 100K on it...


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Default One more 100k

Recently rolled 100,000 miles on my 2004 Honda VTX 1800. Still a strong ride, has the million count Odometer so little hope to roll that over but i plan on hitting the 200,000 mark.

Other than standard maintenance I had to do a few minor fixes. Details of the maintenance can be seen at:
Kadez Blog » Blog Archive » Honda VTX1800 100,000 miles report
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I always wanted to do 100k on one bike, the closest I got was 65k on a Shovelhead of all things....

maybe I'll make it on the Dyna this time though I'll have to go to 104 before there all mine.
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