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bluesman_ip 09-27-2006 10:35 PM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.
1. 1000 cc Honda-built V-four or Honda-built supercharged 1200 cc V-twin

2. Kerb weight under 180 kg

3. Fairing styled from Voxan Charade

4. Comfortable seat with reasonable place for pillion and removable cowl.

5. Removable hard luggage

6. 2-way selectable suspension mode - Africa Twin like clearance for bad roads and other one for normal roads

7. 24 liters petrol tank

8. No injection, but good fuel consumption

9. Adjustable hadlebars - switch between off-road and road mode

10. Adjustable footpegs - off-road or road

11. Removable fairing to convert to naked roadster when feel like it

12. Honda-made Comstar-type wheels

13. Adjustable winscreen, that can be put down to almost dissapear

14. 2 colors: matt black and brushed aluminium

15. Universal adaptor for pocket-PC based GPS (TomTom navigator and alike)

16. Belt drive

17. Easily accessible oil filter and spark plugs, for example folding-away fule tank (like on Monster)

18. Radiators and engine protected by heavy-duty protectors

19. Race exhaust with removable "quite" baffle

20. Forks - beefy USD, swingarm - braced JMC style

21. Accessories available: mp3 player and PMR (FRS in US) walkie-talkie.

22. RELIABLE slipper clutch.

23. Serviceable in any country in the world.

24. Good financing scheme to buy one

25. Number plate invisible when photographed by speed camera :)

earthspirit60 09-28-2006 02:26 AM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.
Stock, it is 545 lbs with gas! I have replaced the stock muffler (32 lbs) with a STAINTUNE (21lbs), Replaced the wheels and rear sprocket (28 lb loss), Switched to stainless lines (1 lb loss), PILOT POWER tires (4 lb loss), Removed emmisions (1.5 lb loss) for a total of 45.5 lbs lost. Imagine what the factory could do.

earthspirit60 09-28-2006 02:29 AM

Re: Vulcan Nomad
Thats...illogical, Captain!

earthspirit60 09-28-2006 02:30 AM

Re: Fuel cell bike
He already did...right after he invented the internet!

earthspirit60 09-28-2006 02:34 AM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.

giganto 09-28-2006 03:53 AM

Re: Vulcan Nomad
...something about him indicates his inability to get along smoothely with the greater clan...perhaps the slight, snide upturn of the side of his mouth when he finishes his out of turn critique of the Elders last edict...hence the long walkabouts, and well worn but well crafted sandels..

macmanjim 09-28-2006 04:06 AM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.
I ride a Vulcan 800 Classic. It's 575 wet, and not fast. I consider that not real heavy and not light. I had a GPz 750 before and that weighed 471 dry. That was a light bike, at least to me. But then again, I am not small (6'5 300)...I am really leaning towards a Ulysses or R1200RT or GS. Ergonomically, they make sense for me and I'd like a bike that can go over the road. I'd also like something that is not maintenance intensive or requires a special blessing every 6 months from the dealer. I can do any maintenance, but I am getting to an age where I don't care to anymore. No chains, No valve adjustments, has to have tubeless tires, has to have wind protection, a very good seat stock and it has to have a 200 mile range. Seems like the Ulysses is the only bike that fits the bill.

kvr929rr 09-28-2006 06:10 AM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.
A Galactus designed surfboard.

chromeburn 09-28-2006 06:28 AM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.
Take one Honda Hawk GT...

increase to 750cc

add a touch of fuel injection

give it a decent seat

touch of flyscreen

dual disc front

decent suspension

add this happy rider for another 100k miles of smiles

James_Brown 09-28-2006 07:25 AM

Re: Design your own 'perfect' motorcycle.
I'm 6', 200#s and the Multistrada seems roomy to me. I almost never carry a passenger, so I am in a different situation than you, but the Multi seems plenty roomy and has plenty of load capacity for one up touring. I'm seriously considering one to replace my Monster. Newer Ducs have extended their maintenance interval to 7500 miles. At a dealer that is not trying to rip you off, the service is ~$400 at 7500 and ~$550 at 15,000. For the type of miles that I put on a bike (<4,000/year), that's less than $250 per year plus oil changes and tires. That's not a lot of cash.

Maybe by roomy you mean overweight and bulky. If so, then a BMW is for you. Also, my friend just got his 04 Rockster back from servicing and it was no less $$ than my '99 Duc. If you're looking to save money on maintenance, then a BMW isn't the way to go. The only things you'll save on are chain lube, chains and sprockets in the first few years, but those expenses are peanuts. I got ~15,000 miles out of my last chain on my Monster. I replaced the sprockets too, but they probably had another several thousand miles in them. If you keep the BMW long enough, sevicing the drive shaft will cost some $$.

Not to slam BMWs because I do like them and they probably are better for a lot of folks that ride two up, but I do get tired of the mis-conceptions folks have about Ducs.

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