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Default Re: Scooters?

My wife had a Suzuki Burgman 400 for a year or two (now a Victory Arlen Ness Kingpin).

That was a great little machine. Never felt it would get me in trouble being underpowered. Piaggio makes some nice ones, too.
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Default Re: Scooters?




http://battlescooter.proboards27.com/ (Honda Ruckus and Big Ruckus)

Also check out Yahoo Groups for Kymco, Piaggio, Honda Relfex and Big Ruckus, Yamaha Morphous scooters.

I would stay away from the scooterbbs as I find there is far too much flaming and immature behavior over there.

There is lots of good information and members are always willing to give good honest advice over at the Burgman, Majesty and Modern Vespa sites.

There are lots of really good scooters available in the 125cc - 400cc range with the 250 being the most capable for city and some highway riding.

Some of my favorites are:

Vespa LX (150cc model), GT 200 and GTS 250

Honda Relflex and Big Ruckus (both 250cc's)

Yamaha Morphous (250cc)

Piaggio BV250

Kymco People 250.

Scooters like the Honda Reflex, Suzuki Burgman and Yamaha Majesty have HUGE amounts of underseat storage - how does 50 liters or about 12 gallons sound(!!!) and ample weather protection etc. etc.

Do lots of research and have fun!

Just watch for scooter riders - there are more smiles per mile on them than motorcycle riders by a huge margin!

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Default Re: Scooters?

OK wise guy, that was pretty good. I got a chuckle out of it.
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Default Re: Scooters?

My daughter is in LA and found the Aprilia Scarabeo. It's the most motorcycle-like of the bunch with bigger wheels and more power (150cc, 250cc, 500cc). I feel more comfortable that she'll be safer on a 'real' bike. It seems like a motorcycle except for the step-through frame and transmission.
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Default Re: Scooters?

get an SYM DD50...
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Default Make $10 Easy!

I will mail a check for $10 to the first person who sends me proof that Al Gore said the words "I invented the Internet" or even anything like that.
Gabe Ets-Hokin

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Default Re: Make $10 Easy!

I'll take "Wold Blitzer said in an interview with Al" for $5.00

Al pretty much responded that he did what most pols do - campaigned for funding in the Arpanet days. Don't think he lost much sleep writing packet switchers.

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Default Re: Scooters?

Having looked at scooters off and on, if I were to buy one, it would likely be the Yamaha Vino 125. It's got that classic scooter styling that you find in the smaller 49cc models but a little more juice to the wheels. And at $2500 MSRP, it's a tough combo to beat.

The smaller Vino Classic is a usable machine though. Still having a 49cc Z50 I know a machine that small will be quick enough to get away from a stoplight, however the top end is probably around 35 MPH. If she's just blasting around a campus though that 49cc version would be great. With a 1.6 gallon tank she'd probably only be filling it every few weeks.
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Default Re: Scooters?

The term "scooter" can easily be misunderstood. There are scooters out there weighing up to 600 pounds that will hit over 100 MPH and blow the doors of most Harleys. The Maxi-scoots like the Suzuki Burgman 650cc, and Honda Silverwing run around 9 or 10 grand out the door depending on the state you are in and its tax structure.

I must agree that possibly a 50cc "putt-putt" is not the best choice, with a 250cc being a good middle ground. I must also agree that taking the MSF course is a very necessary first step!

The good news is you will get great gas mileage and pay less on insurance with a "Scooter," and you will have a lot of fun with it.
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Default Re: Scooters?

The biggest problem with scooters right now is the rampant theft of them in some areas.
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