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Default Re: Engine Life: How Many Miles Before Rebuild?

I can tell you first thing that you should put any thought of "rebuilding" a Japanese motorcycle out of your mind. The costs of internal engine parts are so astronomical that you would be wasting your time. From experience I'd guess that a full rebuild could cost you $2000. A new set of pistons and rings alone is $300 for a Nomad! Intake valves $31 ea, exh valves $46ea, guide $15! So far you'd be into it $500 and there's more parts than that needed for just the top end. I can get a set of excellent forged pistons (for a freaking 350 small block for less than the Nomad's! Then you've got to have a machine shop pull the crankshaft apart to replace the bearing amongst other difficult procedures. By then the bike won't be worth much. Your main option would be to try to find a decent engine in a junkyard from a Nomad that had been crashed and had few miles on it. Those are very common... crashed bikes with low mileage.

The last thing on a motorcycle designer's mind is providing for rebuilds. The manufacturers don't want you to rebuild bikes they want you to buy a new one. Japanese bikes are purposefully built as throwaways. Japanese bikes have many virtues but extending life through rebuilds is not one of them.

Just ride it til it quits and then get another bike.

Better yet, sell it now while it's still worth something and get a Speed Triple.
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Default Re: Engine Life: How Many Miles Before Rebuild?

when I was in high school one of my friends had a Gilera / Sears 106 cc ... he had 106,000 miles on it when the speedo cable finally gave up, the bike kept running for years after

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Default Re: Engine Life: How Many Miles Before Rebuild?

Oh yeah, because it's not going to be expensive to rebuild a Triumph in seven or eight years ...
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Default Re: Engine Life: How Many Miles Before Rebuild?

BMW has different pins for mileage. One is the 250,000 mile pin. I have had several bikes with over 150,000 miles and scene several bikes with over 300,000. As long as you do the recommended services you should be fine for a long time.

Also, I am in no way mechanical. But several mechanics have told me that the "change the oil every 3,000" is pure bs. Just do what the factory recommends and you are fine. That is what I have always done and NEVER had a problem. I have mostly ridden Hondas, for whatever that is worth.
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