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stodd1111 06-29-2006 05:43 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
Going by what I saw in the garage at work this morning, you can commute on just about anything. We have everything from a Ninja 250 up to a Goldwing down there right now.

For myself, I like light bikes, more in the sport/standard pattern. I use a Honda 599. Cortech tail bag and tank bag when can carry most everything I ned., and I have a matching set of saddlebags which hold enough for a week of touring. The little Honda handles just fine in traffic. I also got 46 mpg on my last tank in mixed city/highway driving.

In short, I think you should find a bike you like to ride, and then figure out how to carry stuff on it.

Buzglyd 06-29-2006 05:44 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
Don't forget your Farken stirrups!

ewok1 06-29-2006 05:46 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
for me the best bike for commuting is the one i am riding at the time

christian_gates 06-29-2006 05:47 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
I commuted on a CBR600F4 (about 45 miles each way), and figured it was pretty good. Relaxed riding position, comfortable seat, hooks for a net, great gas mileage, easy on tires etc.

The steering geometry is fairly relaxed as well.

I rode the heck out of that bike, and the maintenance (almost none self performed) wasn't too bad. When you take into account purchase price and gas, much cheaper than a car anyway.

I prefer the somewhat sporting seating position to the fully standard or cruiser position, though, and I suspect that personal preferance is an issue here. I feel more balanced, and that's important when you have to react quickly to some jackoff in a Grand Am who doesn't recognize that a) there's other traffic on the road and b) his car is more not than hot.


bigdx 06-29-2006 05:47 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
The best commuter bike is a car. It may use a little more gas, but is more economical when you start factoring things like service costs, tire replacement, general maintenance, insurance, financing etc. Storage space and weather protection is a no contest. "Having fun" in traffic on a motorcycle is just stupid stupid stupid. And you will find out how stupid once you start having fun.

If you do have to use a motorcycle I would recommend a trails/dual purpose bike. They normally return good mpg numbers, are cheaper to maintain than multiÂ’s and are more maneuverable in tight spots (like between cages). TheyÂ’re also tall, which will give you better visibility and generally quite comfortable for short distances. If you do have to ride in winter invest in some heated jacket/pants liners and heated gloves and socks.

Buzglyd 06-29-2006 05:48 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting? A CAR!!
If I was a commuter, I'd get the Jetta TDI with the DSG tranny. However, I've managed to learn how to scam little old ladies from home. I ride the Geezer Glide to the gym to get strong and nimble enough to ride the Ducati.

flyin_ryan 06-29-2006 05:49 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
I agree that the six mile commute is not that far, which is why I moved to where I did, so I could have a short commute. I just wanted to point out that my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt since I am not driving that far.

That said, I will say that when I take the bike down the Twin Cities area for whatever reason, driving the bike through rush hour traffic there is not a problem, unless traffic is stop and go, which sucks because we cannot lane split in Minnesota.

My comment on fitness and sport bike comfort is based on my own observation. I broke my leg skydiving a while back and got into terrible shape. At that time my R6 would get un comfortable after about 130 miles, at which point I would stop, get gas and take like a twenty minute break. Now that I have gotten back into shape and regained the flexibility I lost I have found that at the 130 mile mark I just stop to get gas and am ready to go as soon as the pump is done. Again take that with a grain of salt, this is just what I have noticed since I got back into shape.

Riding in 20 degree weather. Damn! ThatÂ’s cold.

Also, I agree with what someone else said about the Monster. Those are sweet and sound cool.

Buzglyd 06-29-2006 05:55 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
You're right, the harder compound tires on a H-D last way longer than sportbike tires. I've got 15,000 miles on my front tire and it's still got some life left. The rears last about 10,000.

However, I just put a set of new Michelins on my truck which have an 80,000 mile treadlife warranty! Considering I only drove my truck 4000 miles last year, I'm going to be a very old man before I need new tires.

mscuddy 06-29-2006 05:57 AM

Re: What's the Best Bike for Commuting?
Since my main transport IS two wheels, my XB9SX is sweet on 'de city streets. Not much storage though...'cept for the cargo net bungee.

But, for all around city thrashing nothing beats a well tuned Honda 350 Twin, with a giant chrome luggage rack of course.

You want protection wear a rain coat.

mscuddy 06-29-2006 06:03 AM

Re: Death in the waiting room?
...and you can listen to emo hardcore if you've got a cd player too...

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