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Default Re: The Latest in the Steeler Saga.

Well, Georgia has a helmet law (first state to have one as a matter of record), everybody goes to Grady (unless you are smart enough to say no, Ben was not talking, he would have gone to Grady)....and yes, he would have been ticketed, but not jailed, not enough room...but the prison ward is roomy and a better place to be than the emergency hall way, read on....

Saying that, I was legal, ended up with a trashed riding suit, my clothes cut off, hurt Harley, mangled hemlet (but my head and facial features were ok), cuts and bruises, a broken knee cap and still got spend 9 hours in the "Emergency" room (actually in a hall way marked off for gurnies) at Grady. Then my wife shows up, they can't find me, and when they finally do she had to assist the doctor (wife is RN) when they finally sewed my elbow up that had been bleeding for 9 hours. Seems they could not find a nurse that works there! As we were leaving, a really bright guard noticed my swiss army knife in the plastic biohazzard bag I was carrying with all my personal effects as I had to walk out in knee brace on crutches (they had no wheel chairs avaiable) with my broken knee cap, threatening me with jail if I did not give up the horrible weapon. Another hour later, we retrieve my "weapon", the cheif guard then proceeded to tell the really bright one what an idiot she was...

Bottom line, don't wreck your bike in down town Atlanta, even if you ARE legal, it is a real PITA. If you do, say the following "take me to the Atlanta Hospital Complex", as in anywhere but Grady...now if you have a gunshot or stabbing wound, Grady is the place for you, seriously...oh yeah, one more thing, wear a freaking helmet...like you do when playing football...
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Default Re: Old folks driving

I've seen many good drivers at 70, and I've seen many bad drivers at 20. Is age really the issue?
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Default Re: Only licensed motorcyclists are allowed to ride bareheaded in Pennsylvania

Thanks for the clarification. It just souned really strange the way it was written.
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Default Re: Old folks driving

You are correct but many old folks can fall asleep in a chair like they have an on/off switch. I guess I was a bit harsh but when it happened and that old lady came back with no idea of what she had caused I could of clobbered her but I didn't. She could of easily killed all of us.
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Default Re: The Latest in the Steeler Saga.

"The fact that the other driver was at fault is irrelevant."

No it is relevant. She cause the accident. Let's say He had off road only pipes on his bike. That is also a ticket-able offense. So if someone failed to yield the right of way would they be any less to blame?

The severity of his injuries are Ben's fault. What bike he was riding doesn't seem relevant since he was going the speed limit at the time. It is possible to ride a Busa at legal speeds.

Ben screwed up and has paid the price with his pain. The woman caused the accident. She doesn't deserve threats but let's face facts. Should she be driving a car? How irresponsible is it to hit someone with a multi-thousand pound missile because you where not following a few simple rules?

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