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Default Re: Fatal Group Ride

I ride about 1k each month on a little GS500.

Choosing an appropriate bike, getting proper gear, not drinking....all of these things greatly reduce the risks of riding. And I do all of those things. But that is not the whole story. You should not tell yourself "I do everything right, so I am safe".

Motorcycling is an intrinsically dangerous pastime. It is possible that the riders who stayed in their lane did nothing wrong. I recognize that danger and consciously choose to accept it, because bikes bring so much happiness into my life.
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Default I am in Dartmouth Medical Center in New Hampshire right now as I type.....Ugh!

I am here for work and it is just eeery to know that two floors down this is all going on.
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Default Re: Fatal Group Ride

The last two group rides I was on ended in a mess.. I agree no more..
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Default Re: Fatal Group Ride

It's my understanding that she only swerved to try to avoid colliding head on with the biker who crossed into her lane. Probably the impact with that first biker caused the Jeep to flip over several times into the path of the other riders. Sure it's easy to blame the "incompetent SUV driver", especially if it's a woman, but this time it seems it was a bikers fault. Too bad, and one reason I don't like riding in a group. All too often the lead rider tries to set too fast of a pace, and maybe because of peer pressure some of the following riders won't admit that they can't keep up, and can't say anything at the time anyways because they are riding, so they try to keep up as best they can, often riding beyond their comfort zone, and tragedys like this happens. It's sad, but this stuff happens every day. -sigh-
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Default Re: Fatal Group Ride

I really honestly can't see how it's so easy to run wide, yet everyone makes it seem so common?

Usualy when I'm riding at a good pace though a twisty road I'm leaned over maybe 40 degrees max, which leaves plenty of lean angle left for turning sharper, even with out slowing down.

I mean it's just as easy as turning the handle bars a little more! Or are they really at maxium lean when they run wide? which seems like a bad idea. (gotta watch out of that gravel loose rocks etc.)
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Default Maximum lean? Nah.

Maybe it's target fixation, maybe it's distraction.
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