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Buzglyd 05-17-2006 08:39 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
Yeah but you still have to look at it when you're not riding it.


HRCUSA 05-17-2006 08:41 AM

Re: First bike. Used
Actually, crazy at it is, currently Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki do not require insurance on any of their loans if under 10K. Suzuki finance doesn't care no matter what the amount. Insurance required was a fact for 20 years until just recently. Probably due to the increase in competition of lenders, they new it was stopping a lot of sales, and of course they really don't care. If it get's stolen, Insurance or no insurance, the consumer is still responsible to pay them, so they still get their money one way or another. Of course this get's a lot of new credit types (young, new riders) in hot trouble when they take that $99 per month for 5 years on a charge card. A lot will learn the hard way. As you can tell I am a long time industry person, and always advise the consumer on the whole situation, but I am sure lots of dealers do not, and just roll'em on down the road. I have seem a large amount of young new riders who want a sportbike way over their skill level, make sure that they do not need insurance, otherwise they can't afford the bike they are buying (which they shouldn't buy in the first place, but that is another issue). So they buy it, a week later it get's stolen or crashed, and now they have payments on something they don't even have for a very long time. Ouch.

Buzglyd 05-17-2006 08:42 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
Yeah but do golfers have message boards where one can get in massive flame wars?

Titleists are for posers! No real golfer would use it!

Screw you! You're gay!

longride 05-17-2006 09:12 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
"Yeah but do golfers have message boards where one can get in massive flame wars?"

Only if Harley started making golf clubs.

BrowningBAR 05-17-2006 09:23 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
My sweater-vest is better than your sweater-vest!

gbrummett 05-17-2006 09:26 AM

Re: Read, and read some more
A Twist of the Wrist 1 is The Motorcycle Road Racers Handbook has a lot of road racing tips in it that I found usfull for street riding.

A Twist of the Wrist 2: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding had more street oriented tips.

I found both to be usefull but I liked 2 the best.

Buzglyd 05-17-2006 09:30 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
Chuck Norris could scare people even in a sweater vest.

Neal 05-17-2006 09:30 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
Well,they useta make golf carts.

Neal 05-17-2006 09:33 AM

Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R Update
hell,if I ever wore one,id scare myself!

gbrummett 05-17-2006 09:41 AM

Do you really want to ride...
One other thing I didn't see mentioned.

How do you even know if you really want to ride?

Have you put in many miles on the back of a bike? When I ride with groups it never fails that we get out somewhere with someone riding on the back that's never been on a bike before and we get a 100 miles away from no where and they decide they don't want to ride anymore.

Same thing with some new riders, they think they want to ride bikes because it looks like it's fun and it's cool. They pay thousands of dollars, scare themselves, or drop the bike, or get cut off too much in traffic and decide it's not for them.

Where do you live? If it's up north where there is ice and snow on the ground 1/2 the year you are making a payment on something you can't even ride half the year. Do you have 4 wheel transportation to cover this time? Does it rain a lot where you live? You will need to buy a rain suit etc.

So... bottom line, before you spend a whole lot of money on a brand new bike, try like everyone said, buy a cheap used small bike 250 / 500 Ninja / Suzuki GS500 etc. and see if you even like it as much as you said you would.

The world of new motorcycles will still be here and you will have a good idea by then if you still want to ride.

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