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Default Re: BMW and MMI Develop Training Alliance

I can't say that I would even consider a school like this. When MMI equals motorcycle mechanics as well as marine mechanics - well this just does not seem right. For heavy tech schools, I recommed a 4 year school/degree program instead of a year or two.
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Default Re: BMW and MMI Develop Training Alliance

Well, you go there for around a year best I can remember. The point of MMI is to teach you Motorcycles (or Marine mechanics) and only things that will apply to your work as a mechanic. I'd say that if the majority of your curriculum is based towards what you're 'majoring' in, compared to a smaller amount at a 4 year school, that you'll probably come out as knowledgable in the major but probably pretty far back on any of the courses or academics like literature and mathematics and such..

Overall, I'd say if you want to work on motorcycles as a tech that this wouldn't be a bad idea with their manufacturer specific courses after most of their major training is done.
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Default Re: BMW and MMI Develop Training Alliance

This is good news. MMI is a reputable outfit, and the 800 lb gorilla in this space. They already have general training and special training for the Japanese and HD bikes.

More trained and certified mechanics are always a good thing.
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