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NLJ 04-11-2006 01:59 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
The solution is simple. Everyone buy a Vespa and a sweatervest!

maladg 04-11-2006 02:04 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
Don't worry, Lil-dx will.

dleclerc 04-11-2006 02:09 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
The squid on R1/R6 flying by at 160MPH down the interstated do not tarnish the image any less.

I've riden both harley's and sports bikes and appreciate both (the relaxed day on the cruiser and the adreline rush/[precision of hte sport bike) but it's the way people act when on or around their bikes that taint the image. I've rarely had anyone think of me poorly because I had my Harley Davidson leather jacket any more then a Repsol jacket.

maladg 04-11-2006 02:13 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
It's the noise - er, I mean NOISE!!!!!

Interesting article in new MCN about flattening sales curve for cruisers and rising sales for sport bikes. Author attributes to near saturation of cruiser mkt and young riders starting to move up and not wanting to ride old man bikes.

Awhile back I was in a shop buying disc pads for my ST1100. The 20ish guy, festooned with enough piercings to never clear airport security sez: ST11 - nice Dad bike! I suppose he noted my suprised look (I'm not that grey yet) and he continued: "my Dad has one, too". Sharp kid and future salesman - moved me from enemy to friend with 5 words.

Anyhoo, the point of my near meaningless story is that the "kid" works at a KTM emporium, rides a KTM dirtbike and a Gixxer. He made some great jokes about the cruiser crowd.

And BillyO, he cares as little for what you ride, think and do every bit as much as you. He'd rather be bikeless than caught on an old man's ride.

Ride what you please and enjoy the ride.


Whatmough 04-11-2006 02:27 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
You meet the nicest people on a Honda!

maxriderdon 04-11-2006 02:39 AM

Re: Simple Solution for the GPTB
It's clear I'm a motorcyclist, not a biker, and I agree with most of what you said, each his own. If someone enjoys the costume, they should wear it. If someone enjoys ancient motors, they should ride them. At least cruisers are starting to address some of their shortcomings like poor power, brakes, and handling. The new M109 is a good example.

anrajala 04-11-2006 03:02 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
Lemme put this straight. "Bikers" is a short form of "motorbikers" and used generally for everyone riding a motorbike. At least where proper English is spoken.

Whoever starts to get worried about the general reputation of the bikers is a complete wussie and should get a Prius and start learning origami. Or oregano.

- cruiz-euro

longride 04-11-2006 03:03 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
I wonder if we need to stop wearing business suits because of Enron and all the other white collar criminals? Probably not wise to wear anything close to the Catholic priest garb, because now everyone thinks 'child molester'. Prolly shouldn't go shirtless and get a real good sun tan because someone might mistake me for a Black man. Since Brokeback Mountain came out, the cowboy gear is out, for obvious reasons. Can't wear a leather race suit because I might be a squid. I even suppose my association with those biker criminals makes me a criminal. The cool part about all this is I don't think I ever spent one day worrying about what people think of me, or what the public perception is of me. I'll dress how I want, when I want, and ride what I like any time and anywhere I like. To do otherwise is pointless.

BrowningBAR 04-11-2006 03:05 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
I'm not sure how much of an issue this is. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I think it is in the minority...unless youÂ’re talking about the media.

From what I've seen, and it isn't limited to one area of the country, is that most people I've seen over 30 and sometimes younger who don't ride will see a Harley or Harley clone and remark and say "oh, thatÂ’s cool looking". Or how they'd like to have one.

Now if a sportsbike passes (espicially if it's lane splitting, which people REALLY seem to hate) I've seen these same people remark with "look at that jack@ss kid", or they will comment on how ridiculous they look in their racing "gimp outfit", or remark about the "death trap" that just "screamed by". The usual response is of complete annoyance. Which is just odd.

I am really surprised at the high ratio of non-riders that hate sportsbikes riders and how completely annoyed they get.

Now, donÂ’t take this as an endorsement for Harley. IÂ’m saying this as a fan of both cruisers and sportsbikes. This is simply the reaction IÂ’ve seen from people around me whether it is friends, family, co-workers, or people in front of the supermarket as a bike passes by.

pdad13 04-11-2006 03:21 AM

Re: Bikers versus Motorcyclists
Thanks for the lesson, professor, but you're not entirely correct. There is a distinction between "motorcyclist" and "biker" held by many people in North America. You're ignoring cultural nuance and the evolution of language (for better or for worse). Especially for "people in the know," the two words conjure up very different images.

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