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Default Re: Motorcycle Cops Struck by Car.

I'm sure it wasn't the cops fault. They are A no. 1 riders for the most part.

Per my ex-LAPD neighbor who tried out for the motor squad back when the LAPD rode Harleys, they use to make the students lay the bikes down at 60 mph, and slide along on the crash bars 'till they came to a complete stop. If you took your hands off the bars you got disqualified, and had to do it over. You got three chances.

That one test disqualified about 60% of the riders, along with my neighbor.
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Default Re: Motorcycle Cops Struck by Car.


Mind you, I'm not insinuating you're lying - not in the least. I believe that your neighbor was telling the truth when he told it to you, as well.

I just can't get over the LAPD *actually* training cops to "lay it down to save it".

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Default Re: Motorcycle Cops Struck by Car.

He didn't specify the date of the practice. Remember that traditionally, H-D had miserable front brakes, and once you locked the rear, there was nothing more to do.

Even with good brakes on a more modern bike, there are slick patches from things like like motor oil or antifreeze or diesel spilled onto the road surface that can dump you.

Also, I could well imagine that the course of study for Motor officers didn't necessarily keep up with the times.
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