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iamz 03-01-2006 02:04 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
I can only hope the chopper craze of late will soon become history.

longride 03-01-2006 02:26 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Why would you hope that?

rsk173 03-01-2006 02:42 AM

Choppers are like Madonna
Cool to watch, but you'd never want to ride it!

tpoppa 03-01-2006 02:46 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Motorcycle are meant to be ridden.

Modern boutique, choppers are for posers who would rather talk about mototcycles than actually ride. Just a piece of a$$ jewelry to accessorize a biker costumes.

ofreen 03-01-2006 03:02 AM

Re: Choppers are like Madonna
Speak for yourself.

pplassm 03-01-2006 03:25 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Because a lot of us just don't get it.

ccd3 03-01-2006 03:30 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Generally true- however on a recent cross-country trip, I happened across a bunch of chopper-enthusiasts at a "Flying J" truck stop. I fear if I would have characterized their bikes as "a$$ jewelry" and there clothing as biker costumes, I would have invited myself to an ole-fashioned "a$$-stomping. "

rsk173 03-01-2006 03:41 AM

Re: Choppers are like Madonna
wear a condom!

crevans 03-01-2006 03:45 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
What is with Discovery's facination with Choppers?

How about a motorcycle show about the construction of GP bikes, or if you must be historical, how about the history of Cafe Racers, or *something* ANYTHING other than Choppers?

sportbikebandit 03-01-2006 04:21 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
I would never own one and I don't get the chopper thing.. However, I do admire Jesse James and the business he has built. I have to say that James and the rest of this crowd have brought people in to the sport/hobby. The man works hard and plays hard. Go Jesse Go...

ymsamhi 03-01-2006 04:22 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
I dont mind the chopper stuff. However, as a person who is too young to have been thru the chopper craze of the 60's and 70's even I am aware that choppers are allowed to have an engine thats is not an HD based V-twin. How can such an individualist group be so un-original when it comes to the main center piece of their creation.

neandorman 03-01-2006 04:24 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
"What is the Discovery's facination [sic] with Choppers?"


Money, maybe? Ratings, perhaps? Wile E. Coyote - SOOOOper Jeeeenyus

03zx12r 03-01-2006 04:28 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Jesse ain't no Dummy. He got a fast bike - He owns a Busa. Just looks bad when a guy who makes top of the line customs rides in on a Jap bike. Long life the Jap bike!

McNeal 03-01-2006 04:28 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
The answer is easy. The majority of people who watch T.V. prefer to sit on the coach and do nothing. So viewing something which is useless is good because these people are useless. Seeing motorcycles that are raced, ridden offroad, or touring adventures would not appeal to them.

I'll admit that I watched the first couple of shows because I actually thought, and still do, that those paint jobs are works of art. I'm not sure I would ever want to ride one of those bikes even for a few miles. I've got back trouble and the lack of suspension would painful to say the least.

I prefer the sound track that my Ducati ST3 makes and the sites my eyes behold as I travel down a 2-lane road. I actually feel sorry for folks who think they're alive sitting in front of a T.V.

SmokeU 03-01-2006 04:36 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!

It's going to be about 35 degrees today, I think I'll go for a ride.

ikonoklass 03-01-2006 04:47 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
I wouldn't want one, but they're fun to look at. I think a lot of us who profess to not liking them would feel differently if we saw them going down the street with riders wearing helmets and Roadcrafters .... in other words, it boils down to the whole debate about the proper way to ride a motorcycle.

bbtowns 03-01-2006 04:48 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Someone else said it, but how cool would it be if the show were about building original motorcycles with a turning radius of less than 250'. GP bikes, naked bikes, club racers, hell even cruisers if we must. Somehow that doesn't enchant the non-motorcycling public in quite the same way though.

5valvethumper 03-01-2006 04:52 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Next will be a special on Jessie James and Choppers about the History of Choppers with Jessie James. Then will be the History of the History of Choppers with Jessie James, hosted by Jessie James. So on and so forth.

Please just stop it, OK? Next fad please.

bigdx 03-01-2006 05:07 AM

Nobody is forcing you to watch dude.
Switch the channel. I like choppers the folks who donÂ’t can go f*ck themselves.

longride 03-01-2006 05:08 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
So anything you 'don't get' you wish would go away?

U4eeeahhh 03-01-2006 05:25 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
To the non-motorcyclist, to the "I rode a ____ in college" set, to the " if I wasn't_____ I would have a bike" crowd, a West Coast Chopper or an OCC bike is what THEY think we aspire to own. If I had a nickel for every " You gonna get a Harley?" comment I hear from non-riders about my Hondas and Yamahas, I would own lots stock in Harley which is the ONLY HD product I wanna own.

Discovery is giving viewers what they want. There have been a couple of pilots filmed for touring shows, at least one has gotten airtime and there was no response. I was involved in one of the pilots production and after weeks of work when we showed the backers the footage they said where's the conflict. Nobody was yelling at anyone, no tossed hammers, no crashes, no seats catching on fire. Then my favorite comment was that we could put a sound track of a Vtwin over some of the riding footage because the HONDA & DUCATI didn't make enough NOISE!

NON-motorcyclist producers and programmers put this pieces of crap together because they think these are motorcycles.

I have ridden some of these high end choppers and a few years ago had a Titan for a project - I consider them dangerous beyond belief and would like to see them regulated for safety reasons.

pplassm 03-01-2006 05:27 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
No, I don't want it to "go away". Just like to see more exposure of other aspects of motorcycling.

Last night I missed 2 Wheeled Tuesday on Speed TV, so I thought I'd tune in and see what followed. Nothing but choppers, Harleys, V-Twin cruisers for 2 hours.

Again. I just don't get it.

iamz 03-01-2006 05:27 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Because choppers are to motorcycles what Mardi gras parade floats are to automobiles; Shiny fancy circus wagons that can get you from point A to point B but in all reality, are entirely useless. ;)

fireworks 03-01-2006 06:36 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Potential show revenue > (cost + desired profit margin) == true? If so then air the show, if not junk it.

That's it folks. Nothing else to it.

Discovery Channel is a business, their only purpose in life is to profit.

As for 'why choppers', judging by the content of the show(s), there would seem to be a lot of people that the imagery of Arnie walking out of the biker bar, shades on, black leather jacket clad, and to the tune of George Thoroughgood, resonants with.

I don't really find this surprising. We have a culture that is dominated by 'kinder gentler men' stereotypes. Yet, you have these shows, and I don't know about you but I know a few women who like the 'biker' thing. They will even watch the show. The same women won't watch ' The Long Way Round'. You might even argue that all of the PC, sensitive guy thing that has been promoted/ beaten into men, isn't really what guys, (and some (most?) girls I suppose) are looking for.

There is also a sense that we are less free, and the imagery of the 'rebel' has always been associated with freedom.

That's not to say that degrading women, or violence is a good thing, just that maybe there is a lot of people who like the idea of a little 'gender amplification', but that isn't the current environment. Can you really say that there was nobody in your life that intimidated you and you wanted to do bad things to because of it?

However, I do think the V-Twin thing is a bit much. I'd like to see some stuff on the Brit Bikes.

Fenton 03-01-2006 06:43 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
History of the EGO.

I'm getting closer to canceling cable every day. With all the reality crap on these days there is no reason for anyone to have a life of their own.

On a upbeat note, those Exile bikes rock!

longride 03-01-2006 06:55 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
And what would that have anything to do with you wanting it to go away?

acecycleins 03-01-2006 07:07 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
If you don't "get" the chopper thing you will never understand. I ride a BMW K bike and have a '69 Triumph Chopper. Would I buy a $20,000+ rigid frame bike? Hell no! But I love my vintage bike and will easily ride 150+mi days on it. You can build a respectable modern chopper using the Buell M2 as your parts bike and get the whole thing done for around $8-$9K. In todays market thats a bargin. Fact is, they're fun because they're sooooooo basic. Isn't that where it all started?

JLWarrior 03-01-2006 07:09 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Some of you who are really hung up about the whole chopper thing should open up your minds a little.

I did the chopper thing for 3 years, rode a 70 shovelhead chopper to Sturgis in 95. I had a lot of fun with it, you'd be surprised how fast a bike with 38 degree rake and 8" over forks can go on the backroads.

Now I have a Yamaha Road Star Warrior, but I've had several cruisers, sportbikes, dirt and dual purpose bikes over the years and they all are a lot of fun in their own ways.

Broaden your horizons, you might find something fun out there where you never expected it.

Oh yeah, even though I don't have a sportbike right now, I still follow MotoGP and AMA and World Superbike religiously. And I sometimes ride in a full face helmet and leathers, and sometimes in a brain bucket and a t shirt.

Don't pigeonhole people at first glance by what they ride and wear.

bigdx 03-01-2006 07:10 AM

And sport bikes are not ass candy?
Ride an 180mph bike when the speed limit is 55mph? What would you call that? Do you call something other than posing?

I have been riding for more than 20 years and I see plenty choppers and cruisers on the road when I head out. I see very few folks on sports bikes out on the road. Most sport bike riders I know wouldn’t dream of venturing more than 30-40 from their homes on their bikes. I routinely make trips of several hundred miles – just for the sake of going for a ride.

acecycleins 03-01-2006 07:14 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Well spoken.... I have been to many track days and follow all roadracing and still love my trumpet.

bigdx 03-01-2006 07:44 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
So what 'reality' do you subscribe to that makes you think 180mph bike is anything other than useless considering the speed limit is 55mph?

The only time I ever see sport bikes are in traffic, plodding at 10mph. I hardly ever see them on the open roads when I go for rides, and then going way slower than what they were designed for.

Tigercub 03-01-2006 07:44 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
a '69 Triumph Chopper !

Ouch! It's just that there are so few of these great old pieces of shyt bikes left I hate to see them built as choppers.

Having said that, I've always thought the best looking choppers were the Triumphs, maybe BSA.

Keep that bike on the road!!

acecycleins 03-01-2006 07:48 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
BSA rocks the house. I insure one for a friend that has a triple with an inverted springer front end. Somehow he managed to get Lockheed disk brakes on it.

Tigercub 03-01-2006 07:52 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Why do we like Jesse James and the chopper?

1) He is the personification of motorcycling individualism.

2) The chopper is as much or more about building the bike than owning and riding it.

3) If you haven't ridden a chopper - shutup! Of course they don't handle or stop like factory bikes. But, like jazz they are cool and if it has to be explained to you move on to another subject.

4) Choppers are more about the journey than almost every other motorcycle and that's what it's all about for me.

BrowningBAR 03-01-2006 07:53 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
I work from home and the TV is always on for background noise.


Tigercub 03-01-2006 07:55 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Sure. I'd watch that too. But, there aren't enough of us to maintain the ratings. They need that NASCAR/NFL/professional wrestling audience.

bigdx 03-01-2006 08:01 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Way cool response dude! ;-)

iamz 03-01-2006 08:03 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Maybe Cycle World will devote more print and photo space to "real" cycles once the chopper craze dies. And yes, I know, it's very selfish of me.

iamz 03-01-2006 08:07 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
If you have the guts to drive, oh, for instance, an OCC bike at 180,....more power to ya dude.

Wouldn't a drag bike be better suited though?

gas_pig 03-01-2006 08:18 AM

Re: Jesse James on T.V.? No way!
Even though I have zero interest in owning a chopper (or even a cruiser... until I'm old) I'll admit to having loved Jesse James' shows and American Chopper since Discovery first started airing them. They are some of the few shows my wife and I enjoy watching together (along with Dirty Jobs and the Daily Show).

I watch very little TV these days except for racing (Dakar, WRC, WSBK, AMA SBK, MOTOGP, F1, and anything with dirtbikes). Long live the DVR/Tivo.

The fact is that these 2 shows have an audience way beyond just 'motorcycle enthusiasts'. To me, they are darned entertaining to watch, and that's why I continue to view them. At least they fill the void that has become the Network wasteland. If figure the more exposure folks have to bikes the better anyway. Perhaps they'll actually see me before deciding to merge their SUV into my FZ1 next time.

Now far as Texas Hardtails, and the various chopper buildoff shows..... ick.

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