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sportbikebandit 02-09-2006 09:38 AM

Re: Motorcyclists pops wheelie, then crashes and dies.
BuzBandit hey that has a nice ring. :)

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falloutboy33 02-09-2006 09:49 AM

Re: Motorcyclists pops wheelie, then crashes and dies.
what i wanna know is why the article describe the car in such a detail but failed to mention any thing about the bike.

red-silver 02-09-2006 09:54 AM

You've heard the phrase
This story brings back memories of my own young and immortal days....

In 1973 I was a 23 year old parts manager at a Yamaha shop in San Jose, CA. I raced dirt track, and local roadracing venues. I also road a production racing prepared RD350 on the street. All the local squid go-fast venues were my street forte. Hwy 9 to Santa Cruz, Skyline Road north toward SF. etc..

Being 23, in good shape, racing often, and riding every day, one can become very comfortable with risk, speed, and all the errant behaviors of a motorcyle going fast.

Of course like any other 23 year old male doing the same kind of things, my license was in constant jeopardy.

One summer Saturday night after work (Saturdays being big biz days at bike shops)

I closed the shop, and rode my RD about 3~4 miles away to my parents, where the garage was set up as a workshop. (my apartment with no garage was near the bike shop).

There was a Sunday race at Sears Point, and the idea was to go with my buddy/boss in his van. ( He was campaigning a TZ700 and an RD).

I prepped the bike (headlight off, signals off, saftey wire, remove stand, add number plates etc.) About 1~2 am, the job was finished and I got the bright idea that I'd be better rested and ready to race if I slept in my own bed instead of the cot in the garage. So I say to myself "Ah what the h---, it' only a few miles, and well lit at that,

it'll just take me a few minutes to ride home".

So... at 2am on an RD350 with no baffles, no lights, no licence plate, no mirrors, no stands..

I jump on wearing blue jeans, hightops, a bright yellow cotton Yamaha jacket, and a candy apple red polycarb open face helmet (my boots, leather, and Bell Star were already packed in the van) and I head home short shifting to keep the noise down, obeying speed limits etc....

Now remember there are no mirrors on the bike... I am heading south on Bascom Ave. near Good Sam hospital ( I need to turn left right by the hospital). All of a sudden the the street turns bright white & flashing red in front of me (from the flood of police lights behind me). Thinking - "Aw sh--! I just got a ticket las week! I can't get another!!!." So, I pull over bike in neutral, idling. The cop pulls up behind, looking over my shoulder-seeing doors open on both sides of the car, boots on pavement.

That's it! Throttle WFO, grabbing gears as quick as redline came. Big sweeping esses as the turns pass Good Sam! Slam! Pipes on the ground both left & right as cold racing tires wiggle & squiggle beneath! Hard left at the white picket fence! Straight line, golf corse on left, houses on right! Flat out 5th gear, dark, no lights heading east, chin on tank--don't look back! 4-way stop coming up with a thank-you-ma'm in the middle. Don't back off, keep your eyes on the center stripe to keep located! Bang! Wow! I wonder how many feet I was airborne! Hard on the brakes, front wheel chattering, quick left/right/left.

I am at my apartment, no red lights, no sirens, my heart beating a million times a minute. Parked the bike in front of the van in the carport! Ran inside, off with the helmet & yellow jacket. Walk outside to get a coke at the local 7/11 across the street (in a dark blue sweatshirt). Cops, driving all around with their spotlights looking down driveways, but not anywhere near my apartment! whew.....!

Now the irony.... On December 15th of that same year,while making a parts run on the local Yamaha reps TX500, a 70 year old man turned left in front of me right in the middle of the Good Sam esses. (I was going maybe 25 miles an hour). They didn't even have to load me in the ambulance, they wheeled the gurney directly into ER. Both femurs broken smack dab in the middle.

Wisdom and experiance are the hardest things to win, I glad I didn't die in either event.

And I am genuinely sorry for those who don't make it through their stupid moments!

naco_traficante 02-09-2006 09:56 AM

Re: Only thing worse than one bad driver
Responsibility takes time to develop and so do driving skills. By the time you're a teenager you have spent years working on the responsibility but the driving is all new and will not be very good for many years. Don't take my word for it, ask the insurance companies. And it's "reckless".

lakepineroads 02-09-2006 10:03 AM

Re: You've heard the phrase
Thanks for a wondrous story . The survivors have many adventures to recount, and come to realize that, but for the grace of Saint Sikle above, their personal evolution would have stopped abruptly, along with the adventures. Ride on.

Hutchinator 02-09-2006 10:13 AM

Re: Motorcyclists pops wheelie, then crashes and dies.
Two this past spring. (Being able to ride again bring out the worse in these poeple...)

One of those I watched wheeling away form one light to a stoppie(?) at the the next light a short block away.

davidhaner 02-09-2006 10:17 AM

Re: You've heard the phrase
Great post! I wonder if all those posting about darwinism are as boring in person as they sound here. Anyone who dies doing something stupid on a motorcycle 'deserves' it apparently. Wait a second, you all sound like my aunt: "Riding a motorcycle is stupid". Poor kid, too bad he screwed up and blew it.

Hutchinator 02-09-2006 10:19 AM

Account expires...
Posting count downs again, KP?

You're not promising to leave this time, so... why?

Letting us know another name change is coming up?

teknoman 02-09-2006 11:24 AM

Re: Motorcyclists pops wheelie, then crashes and dies.
WOW !What a post!I recently saved a 10 yr old kid on one of those minibikes,[I hate them] Seems as though since I got my bike,my neighbors decided to buy their 7-12 yr olds those death traps.Anyway ,I,m washing the dishes in the kitchen and see this kid who could not be more than 10 yrs old on one of those minibikes.He stalls in the middle of the street, and I hear a car coming down my block full bore.I run outside across the street,picked up the kid AND the bike[don,t ask me how,I,m not The Hulk]just before a Lincoln Navigator makes the kid a street pizza.I.m standing there huffing and puffing,out of shape and heart just zooming along, when every neighbor comes running, including this kid,s mom.Turns out he was not supposed to take it out without supervision.I explained to his mom to take him to an approved school,get a real bike and some good protection.And when he got home,I could hear her whuppin' his little a$$,all the way across the street..

gbrummett 02-09-2006 11:41 AM

People know cars and care about cars...
People know cars and care about cars, they don't know anything about bikes, if the kid had taken the stickers off then they prob had no idea what kind of bike it was, or didn't care.

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