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Default Re: DJ says Kill Bikers

I'm sorry... what???
"The sudden drop in audience will be noticed..." how, exactly? Using the signal your radios all magically send to the radio stations when you change stations or turn them off?

Please identify the planet you're from.

BARF had the right ideas, you get lots of people to complain to the station, the FCC, the sponsors, the govenator.

"Woody" (the DJ) tried to cover his ass by saying something like "I don't want to see anyone get hurt" right afterwards, but it was still a sh1tty thing to say. He has the immature attitude that everyone stuck in traffic should "suffer equally". What a waste of valuable frequency spectrum those morning talk shows are anyway. Shut up and play music!

Oh, and this is not old news, it happened recently and the BARF forums are still buzzing about it.
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