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Vlad 12-05-2005 03:31 PM

The DL650 would be an excellent choice. So would the new kawasaki from what I've heard. Bear in mind that you will be riding two up. As long as you feel that the two of you could get along with it and not feel underpowered, the DL650 is a much better deal than the DL1000. The EX500 has grown long in the tooth. There aren't many of them out there because the dealers didn't order many. There are plenty of low mileage models normally available used at cheap prices, but it is way down on power from the SV650. The S model of the 650, or the SV 1000 get a lot more comfortable when you fit one of the handlebars on it that raises you up to something near a regular riding position. Most dealers have left over 1000s. The bike just didn't sell that well, even though it is an outstanding ride.


seebee700 12-05-2005 04:05 PM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
Locally they're nice guys , but can fall behind.

Me - "Call me if a nice used ZRX1200 comes in"

Salesman - "Why not just wait for the (nonexistent) 2006 model ?"

Do your own research, you've got the need to know.


gear_head 12-05-2005 05:52 PM

Re: Bad shopping experence. (Vstrom)
Some very good comments here and you yourself seem to be well informed and asking the right questions. Since there has been some mention of the 650 Vstrom (and someone also suggested the 1000) I'll just say this. The 650 should be fine for the occasional 2 up you describe. My wife and I did a 600 mile (much of it twisties too) weekend this summer and it was fine. Will you ever want more? Sure, it's possible but it's quite adequate. Comfort wise she was fine too and we came from a Kawasaki Concours on which we did quite a bit of 2 up- a very good passenger bike (not a good returnee bike!) so it's a nice compliment that she liked the Strom. Judging from what you are saying, I'm not so sure about the 1,000. Besides, from what I've heard power is the only benefit with more falling into the negative column- not as good handling, fuel injection glitches (none on the 650), and of course a bit more weight. Don't rule out the 650 Strom. It's my fourth bike I've owned including a 1991 750 Nighthawk. By the way, combined rider & passenger weight (not incl luggage, which we also had) was approx 340 lbs. for reference.

12er 12-05-2005 05:54 PM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
The YZF600R is a mighty fine street bike, 600 of the year in 97 and hasnt changed since. Several of my friends bought them as 1st bikes without problems. Easily managed when you keep the RPMs down. Very comfy for a sport bike and a little more weight makes them a lot more stable in windy situations. Add a double bubble wind screen from zero gravity and possibly some helibars and your in there. Tough to beat. But the DL650 would be more comfortable but you would have to buy and aftermarket seat pretty quick from what Ive heard and felt. Just sat on one at the dealership for about 15 minutes while talking to a sales guy and started to get monkey butt...

wwalkersd 12-05-2005 06:34 PM

Re: I concur. Do your research.
1) All the print rags are beholden to the mfrs for test bikes and advertising dollars. Enthusiast magazines (and I'm sorry, but that includes MO) are primarily vehicles to allow advertisers to target a particular market demographic (don't believe me? Go count the magazines at Barnes & Noble). That's one reason why you won't read any negative reviews (anybody here remember when MO got Honda upset and couldn't get test bikes for a year?) The other is that there really are very few bad bikes nowadays!

I personally favor Motorcycle Consumer News. They're still beholden to manufacturers for bikes and gear to review, but they don't take any advertising, which leaves them biased a bit more to the subscriber than your typical rag.

seruzawa 12-05-2005 06:40 PM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
I think it was Robert Heinlein who defined what is meant by an honest politician:

When you buy him he stays bought.

seruzawa 12-05-2005 06:43 PM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
Hey! I saw two guys on 999s in Ducati red leathers cruising Sunset yesterday! Just the thing to do on a 999!

wwalkersd 12-05-2005 06:43 PM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
I've found it very common that the salesfolk at both bike and car dealerships know less about their products than I do.

On another note, I recently visited my local, newly-expanded-into-huge-space multi-line Japanese dealer to pick up some parts I had to order for the Kawasaki Mule I bought from them for my business, back when they were smaller.

I of course wandered around the sales floor to look at all the shiny, new bikes before I went to the parts department. There were _groups_ of salespeople all around the place, all talking with _each_other_!!! Did any one of them approach me and offer their assistance? No, of course not. I'm forty-something and they were all twenty-something (or maybe less). And I _was_ looky-loo, and maybe that showed. Then I went to pick up my order (the one they had neglected to call me about when it came in) in the parts department. There were two guys working the parts counter, at least six people needing help, and it took me a good 20 minutes to get my already-paid-for parts. What's wrong with this picture?

No wonder so many "mature" guys buy BMWs or other European brands. They tend to be sold by grown-ups.

domyalex 12-06-2005 01:21 AM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
+1 on the YZF600

I had one and so far it is the bike I enjoyed the most, even more than my CBR F4.

It's a real world bike that can be used daily for commuting; riding two up is very confortable, all my passengers felt safe back there.

It's a beginner sport bike, but it will also ran around 11.5 1/4 mile and top at around 240km/h (150 mph).

Higly recomended!

tbsrider2000 12-06-2005 02:27 AM

Re: Bad shopping experence.
I've owned a Triumph Thunderbird and a '78 CB750. If you would like a newer bike that is similar to your CB 750, the T-Bird is it. If you park then side by side, they have similar seating positions. I was really suprised how similar they were!

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