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rmdower 10-12-2005 01:48 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.
Damn, and i was working on a nice obituary. First post!

Hutchinator 10-12-2005 02:32 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.
The oh so many HD haters will be oh so disappointed.

geht so das Leben

Fenton 10-12-2005 03:04 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.
Now if Kispy Kreme could just make a comeback the world could be at peace.

mikenomad 10-12-2005 04:54 PM

Re: Black-and-Orange iPod
Steve Jobs denies that Apple has been involved in discussion with H-D over a Harley-Davidson version of the iPod and downloadable Harley exhaust samples on iTunes. "That would be a stupid idea," Jobs said.

Which is the same thing he said awhile back about a the idea of a video iPod.

Neal 10-12-2005 05:33 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.
Lets American Company has a 15.15 P/E ratio,is projected to sell a record 329000 units this year and has plans (incredible to me) to sell another 350000 units and the prophets are screaming doom and gloom. If this was happening 10 years ago, the prophets would be screaming BUY BUY and HD stock would soar until the P/E was in the 40/50 range. I think the concerns are more based on uncertainties regarding the effect of oil prices on the economy and concern that this will cause a reduction in discretionary funding than concerns about HD itself. I believe the concerns are justified and HD will probably not meet their 06 goals of 350000. However,HD is still a strong company and it is way too soon to predict a collapse. HD was an immensely profitable company whenn they sold 200000 units and can survive a slip. The challenge is to maintain enough profitability to enable it to develop new products to attract new buyers when the current buyers start retiring. They have a decent start with the Buell and VROD but need to do more to counter the rise of the Metric cruisers.

By the way its interesting to note that Polaris (the Victory parent company)stock also is way down from its March high,even though its sales are rising and their P/E ratio is a respectable 17.:1. The immediate future of both companies (and many others) depends a lot on the effect of oil prices on the economy(especially as winter approaches) and consumer confidence

rsk173 10-12-2005 05:42 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.

DBw9 10-12-2005 05:44 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.
Is P/E ratio something like compression ratio?

madkraut 10-12-2005 10:49 PM

Re: HD not dead yet.
I hate the stock market. One idiot screams that the company is going to bankrupt, and the world of knee-jerking day traders SELL SELL SELL. Prices drop. It's a stupid domino effect to judge a companies true performance by, and more so, it's stability.

At least in the US, H-D owns the cruiser market. Most non-motorcyclist types refer to all cruisers as "Harley's". Just as some people still refer to soda drinks as "Coke" even if it is a Pepsi. You only get that kind of product recognition by being the oldest. H-D riders are very loyal, to a fault even.

Before I would get the marshmellows out for the roasting of H-D, I would expect to see them lower MSRPs in a last ditch effort to compete in a market where their name is not enough to justify their price. Also they would probably sell the licence for their clothing line, in an attempt to re-focus on the process of making motorcycles. But they still sell, some would argue better than ever, so their name is more than enough to get them by at this point.

I personally like sportbikes, not cruisers, but I really don't see H-D falling anytime soon. Just my 2 cents.

caderider 10-13-2005 02:18 AM

Re: HD not dead yet.
Yea, what the hell is P/E for us non-financial peeps...

Concours1995 10-13-2005 02:27 AM

Re: HD not dead yet.
Have you seen the price of the metrics lately? The new Yamaha "Star" line is almost as expensive as the H-D.

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