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Default Re: Insurers in hot pursuit of the motorcycle market

Thanks for lumping me in with the rest of the 20 yr olds and assuming I hadn't done this already. I have been riding for about a year, started by taking the MSF course, getting my license and an ex250 used. Put 3-5k miles on it in 2-3 months and then sold it for a 2000 cbr600f4 that was race prepped. Put 5k miles on that bike over the course of about 4-5 months before it was stolen. It had no insurance on it because the cheapest I could find had to be be full insurance and it was going to be 6k a year, when I only paid 4k for the bike. It has taken me a year and a half to get another bike and once again insurance rates were the deciding factor. I wound up getting a '96 cbr900rr. I wanted something with more power then my old 600, and was afraid that I wouldn't be happy with the extra 10hp the new 600's are putting out. On the other hand I'm still scared of buying an r1 that puts out 150hp to the rear wheel. So far I've put 3k miles on the bike in the month I've had it. I haven't been to a track day yet, but I want to. Its a matter of being a college student in central florida. Not only is the nearest track quite a ways a way, it was hard enough to scrap the cash up for the bike let alone for track days. So in summary I've already done better imho then your suggestion, it still doesn't help me with the fact that insurers basically won't touch someone my age looking at a liter bike whatever the experience. As for the comment by the insurance agent below, I wish it was simply a matter of taking the agent out to the track with a pair of slicks and an old 250 to show him that I really am as good as Rossi lol.
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Default Re: Insurers in hot pursuit of the motorcycle market

And may I add: probably less biased info than that from CU, too.
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Default Re: Insurers in hot pursuit of the motorcycle market

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