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Default Re: Lane Splitting now legal in Texas

I royaly peeved the driver of a lincoln navigator in a virginia trafic jam, trafic was stoped and the dude behind me was intent on shaing my space so I sliped up a few spots to get out of his kill zone and this guy in the navigator stood on his horn, all I can chalk it up to is jelousy, as I passed him at a walking speed and came nowhere near to cutting him off.. I breifly considered informing him that I also get 50 mpg but though beter of it lest he decide to swap some paint with me. anti lane spliting has nothing to do with safety, it is simply misery loves company and it realy pissses them off to see someone making progress.
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Default Re: Lane Splitting now legal in Texas

How is this getting around now? The bill died in committee long ago. This is the 5th or 6th place I have seen postings claiming that it is legal. THIS LAW WAS PROPOSED ONLY, NEVER VOTED ON, NEVER PASSED. It won't be eligible to be seen again until 2007.

The legislator who introduced the bill did it at the request of his senior aid, who is a rider. It was done to test the waters. It was never expected to go anywhere.

The reason it is dated Sep 1 2005 is a proposed law has to have a proposed starting date.
History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.
It is the nature of deception to not know you are being deceived.
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Default Re: Lane Splitting now legal in Texas

Having owned one of every model since '67, I can categorically deny any frame-mounted mirrors on Volvos. In fact, they invented the flexible mirror that doesn't break if it's gently moved out of the way. Of course, if you come down on it from above, it will come right off and dangle nicely by the adjustor cables. On the other hand, look out for GM cars -- their mirrors don't move AT ALL (as I found out from painful personal experience).
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