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Default Because motorcycle mileage isn't that great.

Look at some of the high mileage cars out today.

The Volkswagon TDI gets 48 MPG and in the EU Volkswagon has a car that gets 60+

Small cars often get close to the same gas mileage as the current "average" motorcycle in the US.

Now if you are talking about a Ninja 250, EX500, KLR, Buell Blast, or a bike like that then things are different but how many Ninja 250 are sold compared to GSXRs, CBRs, R1, and 1200cc plus cruisers?

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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

I think Americans see riding a motorcycle as a useful transportation device as only slightly less of a sacrifice then riding a bicycle.

A lot of people have decided it really is worth it to pay $100 to fill the tank of a giant SUV or truck and then drive it as a single passenger vehicle on the way to work.

It is a huge mental block and gas will have to get really expensive before people start thinking about motorcycles as anything other then toys.

It doesn't help that a lot of bikes get gas mileage worse then economy cars. Hopefully sometime soon we will see Fuel Injection start paying off with increased economy for motorcycles. I can understand why a ZX-10 or GSX-R 1000 can't get 70mpg. What I have a problem with is my VFR getting only slightly better gas mileage then a true superbike.
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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

While I'd love to see MC mfgs promote economy, etc., I imagine they have scads of market research that sez different.

As for oil hitting $4/gallon. I got a fin that sez no. As for Hawaii prices, they not only have shipping & storage problems, but massive state interference in the pricing mechanism. State & Fed interference is what caused the last gas "crisis" and is what will cause the next one, too.

Larry Kudlow, Don Luskin and many, many others have started calling the top of the oil market barring some horrific terror attack or biblical weather event. Hey, it IS hurricane season in a long term hurricane up cycle.

Any morons out there recall the bets between the late Julian Simon & Paul (the sky is falling and we are running out of everything!) Erlich?

Simon v Erlich, part deaux. And Simon will win this time, too.
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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

I used to run my two sons around.They are now 23 and 24 yrs old and 6ft 2 and 3 ,I,m 5ft 6.[I think the milkman was at my house when I wasn,t] So I do understand the kids thing when I was running around.Tell you a quick story.My wife and I were both in need of transportation after beating both our old cars to death.So we went to the GypMe motors company.I ordered the nice big penile extension truck for me ,1500 silverado,flairside ,off road ,captain,s chairs ,leather,etc you get the picture. and I ordered a nice 4 cyl wee little tracker for her. Well,to make along story short,when we got the trucks,my lovely bride of then 22yrs of marriage,takes the keys to the big p truck ,kisses me on the forehead ,and says"thanks honey for the nice big ride" and is gone.Well needless to say I was steaming!Well that was then and this is now![three yrs later] Her truck has a 35 gallon tank,and my lovely 4 banger has 15! I don,t even ask how much it costs to fill up that behemoth,and she is the only one in it!Curious though ,years ago the big truck guys were trying to bully me ,by running up on me etc, Well my how times have changed,I guess putting pedal to the metal ain,t their credo no more.just a passing muse...
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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

My Goldwing gets 35-40MPG but still better than double the mileage of my truck lol
Pressure cookers have a relief valve for a reason!
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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

I was partially kidding about the 4 bucks a gallon,but you let china and india and emerging third world countries keep sucking up oil like it was crack,chavez beating his communist man boobs at us in venzuela[they supply with 15%of our oil] mexico,the saudis bending us over with politics etc.And the worse thing is that we have no new refineries in over thirty yrs, yet we process 17 different types of gas for the us market alone due to these insane regulations.A fellow in utah bought land in order to put up a refinery. It,s taken him 10 ##$%%$^%&YRS to finally get past the permits and it will take him another 5 yrs to get it up and running and he has not even broken ground yet!
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Default So What Have You Done To Get Motorcycles More TV and Other Coverage. Not Much

Blah, Blah, Blah.......

Did it ever occur to anyone here to do something about getting more coverage for motorcycles vs pounding the keyboard on how bad local, regional and national coverage is?

Prompted by recent gas prices, I worked with my local favorite dealer for some regional exposure recently and this netted a great 3 minute news spot on the largest TV station in Harrisburg and our largest newpaper has a pending 3/4 page article which will appear in two week or so.

My investment....maybe 4 hours.

Sure its not the National level exposures, but it is a good start and 100 or so of us doing this sure goes a way to solving the problem.

Give it a try

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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

I agree with most of what everyone else had to say already. I live in south Louisiana. Not only can you get better mileage from a small car than you can from most bikes, you get A/C in a car - which can play a very big role in decision making if you live around the Gulf Coast. I only ride my bike to work when I KNOW I don't have to look good when I get here - we have no facilities to shower or change clothes.
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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

But you look great getting there.
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Default Re: Why are 2 wheels not in the news?

Playing devil's advocate:

In a recent thread someone posted an article about needing athletic prowess and mental focus to be able to ride a motorbike. I think this is very pertinent. People driving cars are used to being able to sip their coffee, talk on their cell phones and put their brain TOTALLY on auto-pilot. It would scare the crap out of me to see some of these folks on a bike. Wanna see for yourself? Go check out the cats who fail the MSF course. Or even the ones who barely pass.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm buying 91 octane. That's not a huge savings at 42 mpg when you're paying the extra 20 cents a gallon. Not to mention having to buy new tires more frequently. Chain or belt maintenance? That takes time and some technical know how that a cage doesn't require. Checking tire pressure before every ride? Fat chance. Too much time. Insurance is hugely more expensive in my instance.

I think it might be a good idea to let the general public figure it out for themselves. Yes, it's good to get people into the sport and allow them to understand the functionality of riding a motorcycle, but it may be better to let them come to that when they're ready.
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