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Default Re: No More Isle of Man TT Broadcasts

No $hit, I pay for a movie package, and have not even watch 200 of the 250+- channels I get. Not to mention the music channels.

In an old episode of the simpsons(tm) Bart was staying with the Flanders. Ned turns on the sat receiver and says something to the extents of:

"yep, 250 of the finest blocked TV station available"

I feel like blocking out most of the channels I get. I just don't have the energy.
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Default Re: No More Isle of Man TT Broadcasts

NECKKAR best not take its success for granted... the fastest growing sport among the Jesusland demographic are those freakish competitive eating contests.

Consumption-as-entertainment is going to become huge in this country. Red State Cletus knows he can never throw a baseball 90 mph or sprint down a football field but just let him holler out to Betty Lou in the kitchen to bring out another plate of Tater Tots (tm) & he can kick the worlds arse!

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Default Re: No More Isle of Man TT Broadcasts

NECKCAR is more popular than motorcycling could ever hope to be, even if they lost 90% of their popularity. Cletus may be stupid, but he isn't crying about not being able to see his sport. Cletus also puts his money where his mouth is. He attends the races and buys from the sponsors. I bet you don't do either. So, Cletus may be stupid, but he ain't dumb.
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Default Re: No More Isle of Man TT Broadcasts

Funny that the best male and female competitive eaters are small persons of oriental descent . I think at this year's Nathan's hotdog eating contest the guy at 49 (some said 52) and the woman ate 37. So much for Bubba/Cletus etal (pun intended) and the red staters.
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The reason Speed isn't showing the TT has nothing to do with "viewers per hour". The plan at Speed for the past couple of years has been to downplay anything that might compete with the NASCAR audience. This includes World Rally, Touring Cars and the TT. Other events, such as MotoGP, DTM and eventually Formula One will also be dropped from the Speed lineup over the next few years.

NASCAR marketing can be compared to any other mass marketing entity. They move in, and make every effort to move everything else out. Anything that might detract from the NASCAR audience is targeted.

Until such time as the NASCAR demographic peaks and the major networks cool-off on NASCAR, the only recourse for non-NASCAR race fans will be the internet, through live streaming.
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