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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

MOron dude/dudettes; actually my favorite bike is my current (boxer cup repl). If I had to own a past bike...it'd be my old original '84 FJ1100 for its all around niceness. ric
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

OKAY, I'll bite..........1946 Harley WL 45" solo. it was 1980 and Id been without bike for a couple years ........money became available,and I couldnt afford a bigger bike so I bought the 45. It was a rare "survivor"...had basically been "on the road " for 30+ years.repaired with what was available. original frame, motor, sheet metal in pretty nice shape with older repaint in original "china Red"----later model(1947-52) trans and front end. old,hard Goodyears. What a HOOT! In the 7 years I had it I only had 2 batteries---theold thing it came with and one more. Even when cold or having sat for awhile it never took more than 3 kicks-----once you learned the drill. Soon after I bought a 65 Pan for transportation. so I didnt put big miles on the ol flattie but I rode it hard. Through furrowed fields,old dirt farm roads,the back roads.......it never missed a beat. As long as i performed regular maintenance(oil changes,lube chains,adjust chain,change plugs,set points etc.) it was as rerliable as any of my buds' bikes Handling could be rough and it wasnt fast(top end of between 65 and 70) but its amazing how much fun I had on that thang.Life gets in the way and I sold it( a long,sad story) but it remains the most fun bike I ever had.
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

My favorite is the Busa. I've never owned one and I've only ridden once. The acceleration was intoxicating. I remember after I was done riding it that I thought that I would never want a bike like that. Within a half hour I began thinking I couldn't live without one.
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

My personal favorites, but I believe it's more of a favorite time period in my life when I was an indestructible young fella owning a 1989 Suzuki RGV-250 2-stroke. No track experience on this bike either, only "goat trails" on pretty steep mountain roads. The only time I crashed it, I was being towed by a friend in a 1960's VW beatle after the engine went bye-bye on me.
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

1987 BMW k75s. It smoked when put on the side stand, it wasn't very quick, was bit of a slow handler and the engineer who fitted the air filter should have been castrated. I sold it about 10 years ago and really miss it. But, thinking back on BMW parts prices, I don't think I'll replace it.
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

This one's easy, my 1970 Triumph TR6R Tiger, the single carb, touring version of the Bonneville. I bought it for $850 in 1975 and even then it was an antique, but there still were many Triumphs around. I vowed to never sell it and I still own and ride it today. I rebuilt it in 1995 and it now has over 50,000 miles on it. It's on its third set of points, has a 0.020" over bore and runs as well as I do.

All my Jap bikes have come and gone, the only bikes I keep are the Tiger, a Harley, and Norton Commando. I also have a Hinckley Triumph, but not sure for how much longer. That thing does everything better than my pushrod bikes put together, but it's boring. If I could only keep one bike it would be the '70 Tiger.
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

78 Silver/Black Honda CBX was the best motorcycle I have ever owned, hands down. Now how about asking me who my favorite hillbilly is?
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

I'd say that the most memorable motorcycle I ever owned was the '64 Yamaha 80 Trailmaster that I spent the entire summer of '65 on exploring the Palos Verdes peninsula, freaking out nags on the horse trails and generally riding the living pi$$ out of.
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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

I think it would be my second bike, the Honda CB100 I got in 7th grade. By the time I moved up to a CB350 6 years later I'd spun the odometer over.

P.S. Hey MS, I don't know if you saw the link back on the moto-racer thread... but your dad's Can Am car is for sale.

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Default Re: Favorite Motorcycle

The Trophy I have now is my favorite. Having one of my previous bikes back is a tough choice because some of them I liked a lot more than others

Probably my '83 GPZ 750. I bought it for my self for Christmas and rode it home in the snow, it was a tariff bike so it was only $2500 brand new, It was my first real "performance" bike after riding Harley's for years and it just blew me away how fast and good handling it was. I rode it up to Canada a few times and all over Washington and I don't ever remember it even hiccuping.

I've had a dozen or so street bikes and I've really liked some and couldn't wait to get rid of some others but that one sticks in my mind as a turning point for me.
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