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Default Old Habits, old bikes, was: Re: Desirability of ABS brakes

Nobody seems to have brought up the issue of habit. What if you have a number of bikes? I'm toying with the idea of getting a new BMW K1200S, but I would opt out of getting ABS since if I jump on a non-ABS bike like my Ninja, I might expect ABS-equipped behavior. I learned to ride on dirt, so I'm fairly good at brake modulation. I fully expect ABS could beat (er, save) my pants in a full panic. I hate the idea of having front and rear brakes linked, though.

I have four-channel ABS on my pickup truck, and IMHO that's the ideal application - a very large-capacity, power-assisted braking system. My little front-wheel-drive sports cars would have been miserable with ABS, but you could feel what each brake pad was doing.
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Default Old Habits, old bikes, was: Re: Desirability of ABS brakes

Get the ABS... Those BMW brakes with ABS can have you singing castratti regardless of surface if you haul on them. But outside of a panic situation, you shouldn't feel the difference as I beileve the non-ABS still has the servo-assist.

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