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Default He's still on the homepage

It's still on the homepage. The title is: It Ain't The Tool"
I thought I'd found true happiness in my personal bath body bar.... Then I tried DOVE! with 1/4 moisturizing cream!!!
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Default Re: Lots of what you said made sense, but...

Haha, I am all for it! Squid Days down at the DMV.

$10 entry ticket

$5 for a large coke

$4 for a corndog

Watching a squid drop his tricked out R1 with carbon fiber exhaust and turning it into an insurance nightmare...

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Default Re: I must be getting old!

finally someone who's fair and balanced...i had one of those old guys with huge harleys in my msf...he must've been 5'6" and he dumped his fatboy
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Default Re: I must be getting old!

Getting old has nothing to do with this situation. For some reason, you are now giving credence to the opinions of idiots. I want you to go to a mirror and say "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it people like me."

But I suspect the real problem is that you're getting tired of squidly comments directed your way in the presence of hot chicks (who are your daughter's age!). You see yourself as young and virile, but in comparison to the 1% body fat crowd the truth is painfully obvious. As has been said many times here for a myriad of ailments, going to the gym will solve all your problems.
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Default Re: I must be getting old!

Somebody finally gets it right. The GPTB may be on a new recruiting drive soon.
I'm a knucklehead
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Default Re: I must be getting old!

This reminds me of a girlfriend of a buddy telling me she liked riding with me more because "you don't make the bike jerk around."

I have found the best way to initiate new passengers is tell them how to get on and off the bike, give them some signals so they can let me know if I did something they didn't like, and teach them what to do while the bike is moving. I start off painfully slow, sometimes just around the parking lot, and ask them periodically if they would like to go a little faster and lean over a little more.

I "broke in" my fiance this way and it has paid dividends in two ways: 1. If I tap her leg she holds on tight and I can go triple digits and she enjoys it instead of being terrified because I built up her trust. 2. She encouraged, me to buy a new bike last month even with a wedding coming up in two months that we have been saving every penny for. Of course she was more into seeing if she liked the color than the fact it was fuel injected and that I can do oil changes in ten minutes instead of an hour since there is no plastic to take off.
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Default Re: I must be getting old!

Hell, I'm 58 and been doin' sportbike riding for 42 years. I suck at wheelies too. I spent a few years roadracing and won a few state championships in our club's 750cc classes way back when. I think a lot of the young "riders" are missing out on a great deal of fun on motorcycles because they don't have the skills necessary to do so and, since they think they know it all, don't want to make the investment to learn them. The real fun on a sportbike isn't outright speed or playing unicycle (though having the rear wheel off the ground is far cooler than the front pointing skyward). To me, it's the sensation of lean angles. The closer I can get to horizontal without landing on my ear or elbow, the more fun I'm having. I'd much rather be leaning further over than going fast at a lesser angle.

I think two things can help make us wiser, older riders a bit more squid criticism resistant. First, being smooth and in complete control is a rare skill I work very hard at. At my age and stage, I don't jump around, gyrate, or hang-off in the turns. I'm way too old to go through all of that physical work for the purpose of decreasing my lean angle to go faster. I'd rather plop my butt in the middle of the seat, go slower, and enjoy a greater lean angle. Second, if you are smooth and in control, the speed will come without really trying so hard and at a far safer level. All of this translates into the only reason in the world to take the risks motorcycling involves: It's so damn much fun. Period. And even with our asses planted in the middle of the seat, there aren't many of the young squids that can keep up with us old farts when the countersteering begins.

If you ever want to see a revelation, just wait till the street squids get on a real racetrack for the first time. They are thoroughly intimidated, ride completely ridiculous lines, are scared to death and slow as hell. I hate to tell you how many of these young sportbike owners I left for dead on a trackday, aboard my Honda ST1100 yet! No brag, just fact. "Treachery and old age will defeat youth and enthusiasm every time" is how that old phrase went. Still has considerable merit too.

Being happy with your own riding style and skills are the key to having fun on a bike. Once you achieve that, the squids mocking you will not bother you at all. In fact, you'll have a calm understanding of how much they are missing. You also might get a quiet, humble "thank you" because it was your cell phone that called the wrecker and ambulance to retrieve his bike and butt from the trenches outside the painted lines. Having the skills necessary to smoothly control your motorcycle in virtually any situation produces an inner satisfaction and skill level very few riders ever achieve. It's worth a lot. Besides, there's ALWAYS somebody faster, so why worry about it?

One other thing I've found gives me a great deal of enjoyment: riding alone. You control your pace, your destination, and the only critic around is yourself. You can have a great time, and learn a lot if you are honest with yourself when the inevitable screw-up occurs.

I'm having more fun riding now than I ever have in my life. It's a pretty neat feeling. I traded an '03 Gixxer Thou' for an '04 GSXR600. I'm having ten times more fun slam-dunking it into corners with tons less fear of maiming, mutilation of life and limb and/or termination of all of the above. The turns--that's my nitch in the world of motorcycling. Once you find yours, you won't spend much time worrying what some young whippersnapper thinks because you don't have any fur on your bike and can't wheelie till your nose bleeds. Enjoy the ride. Cheers, Jack

"Just and old man riding a little motorcycle."

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Default Re: I must be getting old!

You musta bought that aformentioned DVD. LOL. You said it all...
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Default Re: I must be getting old!

As an approaching fifty year old rider, I have been at it on the street for 35 years, and the previous six before that in the dirt. I also like so receive some acknowledgement of my skills that I have constantly honed over the years. I ride a Gixxer 1000 as well as an FJR and though I'm not the fastest by far, I can move my carcass around fairly rapidly around much younger riders. My objective is to ride only to the point where I'm still having fun. If I'm scaring myself, then I'm not having fun.

Do that, ignore the squids, and let your rep as a better person to ride with get the honeys to line up for the rides.

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Default Re: I must be getting old!

But did you ever pass a Lojak?
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