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Default Re: Hayden Rules?

Steve V., I agree with your list, too. Except I'm adding a little wish for KR-KTM to be competitive. That would be fun, too.

And I don't think it's particularly presumptuous for Nicky to discount Biaggi. The dude is as a big a choke artist and a whine-a$$ as there is. A good rider? Sometimes. But, frankly, he's overrated. Of course, it's Nicky's third year, so he'd better put up consistently better results than Max, or he'll be pulling that riding boot out of his mouth.

It's hard to root against Rossi, but it would be nice to see someone else win this year.
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Default Re: Hayden Rules?

My favorite Nicky quote so far was when he was asked (on Two Wheel Tuesday I think) if he thought he'd ever have a girl for a team mate...

"Well, I already have Biaggi..."

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Default Re: Hayden Rules?

I agree that it could be (will be) an interesting year. When the flag drops the BS stops.

Can't wait for Laguna, I want to hear the sounds of the 990cc 260 HP Honda's and the Ducati's booming off the hills. Colin and Nicky SHOULD have an advantage there.

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Default Re: Hayden Rules?..."have Biaggi"

Wow. Really? Been waiting to hear anything STRONGLY critical out of N.H.s mouth, hes such the normally polite kid. For years I pulled for Max according to the bike he sat on, now I look for his failure at the hands of Rossi. Just cant pull for what 90% of racers concider main spoilt diva. Such a great rider, such thin skin. Still enjoying yamarossi victory over last years greater opposition.
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Default Re: Hayden Rules?

I'm a little late coming into this, but from my perspective Nicky is setting up for a great year. Honda extended the contract because they know he's going to be a "long-haul" superstar. Rossi will leave GP at the end for the Yamaha contract and go straight to F1. That means Sete and Nicky will be the future. Tamada will certainly improve but the real money is on Nicky carrying this sport for the next decade. The real trick will be watching Kawasaki struggle with the fact that they have two more Hayden brothers waiting for their shot. I'd imagine that Roger Lee gets his chance within the next three years. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Out........
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Default Re: Hayden Rules?

Maybe Biaggi's insurance still hasn't paid Nicky for the pit lane collision.
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