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Default Re: Billy Lane Avoids Fender Fire

I happened to tune in when 1 of those morons was telling us how to be a "REAL BIKER", you had to know how to get your broken reproduction of a knucklehead (with genuine swedish parts LOL) fixed by the side of the road. Do you think these guys drive cars that are 50 yrs old ? Duh, get over it, Choppers are a joke
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Default Re: Quite an engineer you are.

If they are "artists," as you insist, then perhaps they should be making sculpture, not vehicles. This is what I find so completely absurd about the "custom" scene.

I'm all for self expression. In fact I could probably design a beautiful motorcycle. Problem is, it wouldn't work. Creativity for creativity's sake is best left to performance artists and struggling abstract painters.

The real beauty of a motorcycle has a lot to do with function. A motorcycle isn't just a piece of stationary art. It has to work well, too. Those that can design a bike that works well and is beautiful at the same time have truly succeeded. And I don't consider chopping up some off-the-shelf parts and making the occasional gas or oil tank the height of creativity--especially since most of these bikes end up looking more or less the same anyway. (Although I am impressed with the work that some of the custom painters do, even though that stuff isn't for me.) Most of these bikes are far from "art," if one can define such a thing.

I'm from the creative school of thought that says there must be discipline when applying creativity. You don't just do something because you can, you do it for a reason. Of course, others are free to disagree, but I feel this kind of thinking is especially useful when designing a machine that is meant to carry a human at high speeds.

Go stand next to an MV Agusta F-1000 and then tell me that Billy Lane is an artist. Or how about an H-D Road King? Tell me that bike isn't really more beautiful than one of Billy's 100-hp mutant rubber bands--and it actually works as a motorcycle.

I agree with you on Hot Rods, though. In most cases, those guys are building something better than what existed before. They do embody a marriage of form and function.
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Default Re: Billy Lane Avoids Fender Fire

I agree. Bikes are bikes, I don't care what they are or who makes them.
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