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Default Re: Why I Ride

Woah... sounds like you need to buy your wife a bike!

How bout a Buell B-last, new last August, 5,000 miles, 16 months of factory warranty left. I've even got a low seat for it!

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Default ??????

Forgive me from pointing this out but this seems to be some kind of paraphrased and extended/extrapolated monologue from the Faster documentary. The reason your line was incorrect about Kato is because in the movie, Ewan says that no 500cc champion has died on the track. Kato of course had never won the championship.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

I sold my car too. And I get 12-15K out of a rear tire. you replaced it because it got a piddly screw? Ever hear of the mushroom plug? And green Goop? who the heck is dumb enough to use "motorcycle" oil when Castrol GTX 10w40 does the business? I buy Mobil1 at wally-mart cheap too if I feel like upping the fancy quotient.

100K miles on one bike,

20k miles on another

15K miles on another

40K miles on another

1K miles on the dirt/DS bike

Geez and I've been riding for 4 years?
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Default Re: Why I Ride maybe

I ride because itÂ’s simple. Asphalt tattoos not withstanding, itÂ’s easier too. Traffic snarled up? Gas prices skyrocketing? Ride a bike.

I use to be a bike and car guy, but now with restrictive smog and insurance laws being "de rigueur" itÂ’s more fun and cheaper to have bikes. Lots of bikes.

ItÂ’s also better when they blow up. Something blows up on one of my bikes, and itÂ’s pretty easy to diagnose and fix. Something blows up on a car, and you have to remove piles of greasy parts, rent hoists, drain gallons of anti-freeze into buckets, etc.etc.

And no more getting wedged under old Pontiacs, squashed flat when the sleeve of your coveralls knocks the transmission out of park and rolls down the street with you underneath.

Bikes are easier to bump start too.

A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

I'm willing to bet every male who has ever seen a bike has atleast imagined himself on one. I remember staring out the back of my parents car when I was around 8, fascinated by some motorcyclist behind us. He was there for a while, and when passed us, he waved at me. I wanted to be that rider.

I remember my very first ride on the back of my uncle's Triumph when I was about 15. We went through the french countryside on a bright, breezy day. I remember every curve, every sensation to this day.

And now I get to see little boys in their parents cars, staring wide-eyed at me. I know that in that moment, that kid is wishing he was on the bike. I wave at them as I pass, hoping that one day he'll have the chance.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

I know what you mean.

One time I was riding to work and passed a school bus. As I rode by, almost every window had a kid in it waiving at me. LOL, I was almost past the bus by the time I noticed. It caught me off-guard and I had to give a quick, dorky wave at the last moment.

Another time I was splitting lanes. As I approached this car, I noticed the rear window was rolled down... just a little... just enough for a child-sized hand to sneak out and flash me a peace sign. The car was on my right side, so I grabbed the clutch and made a big peace sign over the hood as I went by. I hope the kid in the back seat saw it.

Then there was a time at a stop light. A little boy in a child safety seat in the back of an SUV couldn't stop staring at me. I raised my dark visor and smiled. He must have been able to tell by my eyes that I was smiling, because he smiled back. My smile grew into full-on laghter when his the kid's mom noticed our dialogue, and I saw the worry in her face.

May all those kids grow up to ride, each and every one of them. And may I still be riding when they do, so I can wave at them when they're on their own bikes!
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Default Re: Why I Ride

I too have a loud bike ('97 Harley Low Rider with Hooker 2 into 1 pipe). I don't find it too difficult to be inoffensive in my and other residential neighborhoods where we should be riding slowly. I just keep it in as high a gear as possible and just putt putt putt along. I can't understand how some people (some of my neighbors) ride so as to make the most noise possible. By the way, the issue of loud pipes lose rights is real but I think that sportbike riders going at warp speeds, weaving through heavy thraffic and doing wheelies for a half mile or more on roads with car traffic risk our rights just as much, maybe moreso.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

It's funny you should say that. I got a flying lesson a few years back as a gift and when I took the controls the instructor asked me if I rode motorcycles. He said that he could always tell because bike riders had a sense of banking to turn.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

I ride to feel the elements in all their glory and spite. The feeling of flying over the ground at speed is something I find hard to explain. The short version is riding removes all the worries from the world, and I feel more alive than at any other time.
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Default Re: flying

I absolutely agree. Having flown helicopters in the Army for a few years I can tell you there is nothing closer to skimming the trees at 90 knots than riding through your favorite canyon at a good pace. Very much the same sensation. I still find it amazing that the general public can do this for a reasonable price...it makes everything else we do pale in comparison.
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