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Default Re: Why I Ride

My mother claims I've been going through mid life crisis since I was about 23!

Having no toys is what I call a mid life crisis!
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Default Re: Why I Ride

Because I get to feel like a kid again, riding on the back of Dad's CB350, as we deliver the Sunday paper to my customers. Then we'll ride out to the donut store for a box to eat after we get back from church (I always get a whipped cream-filled chocolate bar). We'll ride to my baseball games, too. And to the Dairy Queen after, win or lose. The bug first bit me quite literally, when I climbed on his old bike in the back yard (I think I was three or four) and it fell on me. It's been a part of me ever since.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

Amen to that brother !
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Default Re: Why I Ride

God damn... Well put, man. That HAS to be a little bit of it, and if not, quit trying to seem so stoic!
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Default Re: Why I Ride

I ride because I love the sport , I was 12 years old when a neighbor gave me a ride on his Goldstar and I was hooked . A few monthes later I was able to purchase a BSA Bantam with paper route money,at 12 years of age.Now at age 61 I have owned dozens of bikes since that first bike. I just purchased a new Ducati Multistrada last week to add to my stable of bikes including a 2003 Harley Electraglide classic & 2000 Sportster, 2002 KLR 650

and 1978 SR500 . My kids thought it was a mid life crisis when I bought the Ducati but my wife is very understanding and knows that its the only recreation that I do and supports me 100%.

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Default Re: Why I Ride

Great Posts everyone. I started riding at the age of 43. So I guess you can say I am a really late bloomer. I got hooked when I went for a ride on the back of my friends Interceptor. My wife said it was a midlife crisis thing. Then I failed my first MSF class. Yes I failed the braking test by crashing . I blamed it on the tiny bike and the rainy weather but the truth was I locked up the front brake. No excuses. I was always a good athlete so it was a humbling experience, watching tiny women pass with flying colors while I sat on the sidelines nursing my scraped knee and ego. When I got home, I put up the bright shiny Black Shoei in top shelf of the closet. I bought it at the HD dealership down the street so confident I was going to become a rider. I thought my wife would laugh at me but she didn't . She said keep the helmet the dealer won't take it back. (She had already checked ). See how you feel in a few weeks.

It was the next year, when I took the class again. This time the weather was great , the bikes were new and larger, and I had dropped 20 pounds. I still had trouble braking though. My instructor instantly picked up on my mistakes in braking. Having small hands I was rolling the throttle while grabbing for the brake. This caused me grab the brake harder. He corrected my mistakes and I was on my way.

So whenever I ride I am reminded that because I tried again I have this joy and exhilaration that car drivers will never have. Having taken some private pilots lesson, I would say its like flying only much better. The people who ride are for the most part fantastic cutting across all walks of life, races, and incomes. I only wished I would of discovered motorcycles sooner, I envy you guys who had dads who rode. But now I have to make up for lost miles. See you on the road.

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Default Re: Why I Ride

You're not alone. I was so certain that I could recapture everything from 30 years ago, I just headed down to the DMV and promptly flunked my driving test. No one laughed at me either, at least not to my face.

I knuckled down, realized that I'm not a teenager again and....studied! And practiced, and practiced some more. Next time, it was a slam dunk.

And you know, I probably wasn't that good as a teenager either...just young enough to think I was and believe it!
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Default Re: Why I Ride

After my marriage fell apart for reasons I will never understand I took up riding at age 41. I was always a loner before I was married and I am back to where I started. Some may call this a mid-life crisis but this is who I always was-I just wasn't blasting down the road on two wheels with the wind pounding on my face. All who ride know the dangers we face yet we still do it. Why do I ride? Because I can no longer remember what it was like not to.
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Default Re: Why I Ride

Wow, I bet this will get plenty of replies. I also bet that they will be the same but different. There is a common thread, but probably as many reasons as replies. Yes, it is true that many older people take up riding after years of sacrifice for family and work. Thats a good reason. Many people never stop riding. Good there also. Riding is a good combination of machine and outdoors. As others pointed out, it is an accessable activity. As close as the driveway. Are there any bad reasons to ride? Maybe, but I don't know of them. A last comment, MCN had an article last year about riding as stress reduction. It works for me. Again as others said, "If you have to ask, you won't understand."
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Default Re: Why I Ride

Ditto to all of the above.

But there's one other thing; another reason: Most other people won't or can't ride. That does make us special in some small way. Most of them don't get it and they never will. Others feel the attraction to motorcycling but are held back by their own fear or that of a loved one.

I'm lucky.

Here's a little anecdote I acquired last night:

On my way home I decided to stop at the local bookstore. I'm desperately awaiting the arrival of spring and picking up my new Daytona 955i, so I decided to browse through all of the motorcycle mags.

I'm standing there leafing through Cycle World and a 30-something African-American guy walks up and grabs a mag off the rack. (By the way, I only mention he was African-American to illustrate how our sport cuts across all groups.) We stand there for a couple of minutes in silence, both intensely engrossed.

A short time later, the silence is broken. His wife/girlfriend comes rolling around the corner. The discussion goes something like this:

"What are you doing?" she asks sternly.

"I'm looking at a magazine," he says sheepishly.

"That's a motorcycle magazine. You're not getting a motorcycle. You know my feelings on that subject."

Sounding remarkably like a 14-year-old, the guy says,"It's just a magazine! I might buy a magazine, that's all."

"Well, then pay for it and let's go."

"Give me a minute, hon, okay?" I started to feel really bad for him right about then.

He spends the next few minutes trying to diffuse the situation by pointing out all the really cool bikes. A lost cause if there ever was one.

"Check this out. That's a 600." Ugh, now I really felt bad for him. Tragic, really.

She barely puts up with this for about two minutes. I can hear her fidgeting, shuffling her feet and sighing.

"If you're going to buy that thing, do it. I'm leaving," she spits. Then she storms off.

I barely looked up the whole time. I didn't even want to make eye contact with him. I could see he was emascualted. I just pretended not to notice.

But I really wanted to tell him to buy the magazine and trade her in for a new bike. Hell, I'd even teach him how to ride if he didn't know how. Of course, I just kept minding my own business.

That's enough reason to ride right there.

You guys or girls that have significant others that understand are fortunate, indeed.

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