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Default Re: Two-smoke fans take note of these guys.

The rotary engine had a different set of problems, I think, in that some of the "rings" had to go through a cycle of contact and release (when they passed through one of the chambers). This engine has constant contact on the ring surfaces, which I think would be easier, and the rings would always be at the same angle of contact with the surface, which is good. It's an amazing concept, actually.
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Default 1000 RPM power band?

The ragged torque curve is dropping like a stone below 5000 RPM. I'll bet it won't run at all at 4000.

I'll bet the part of the torque curve they didn't show is both short and hilarious.
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Default Re: Two-smoke fans take note of these guys.

While everything is stable, the cylinder is on a curve: metal expansion and radial torque; would heat cause those things; and could either of two things cause damage, or catastrophic failure?

Lotsa heat, lotsa forces, lotsa surface area to bend, twist, warp and expand...Gotta Wonder!
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