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Default Re: Motorcycle Risk Study by Insurance Company

If you give up then the insurance companies win. They'd like nothing better than to see bikes banned altogether.

"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: For those that can't read

The problem with sportbikes is they makes us feel like Rossi. I know that when riding my Harley I go much slower than when riding my cbr. I wore six sets of tires out on my cbr this year in 16000 miles. My harley which I rode 7000 miles this year still has the same set. I understand that my cbr uses softer compound rubber, but I also run the corners considerably hotter on the cbr than the Harley. So while the brakes and weight advantage goes to the cbr, the chance of going down also increases.

Lots more things can go wrong at 90 mph than 60. I will say that 90 isn't even close to the top speed I seen this year. Whether you ride on the track or the street, riding at the limits on a sportbike is more dangerous than taking a comfy spin on a harley.

Be honest here, which one of us bought a sportbike to ride slow?
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Default Re: Motorcycle Risk Study by Insurance Company

40 years old and you got your motorcycle license in 1996? You're a rookie! I don't care if you've "been riding 'em illegally a lot longer than that". You're still a rookie. And I see you're concerned about all those uninsured drivers out there. How insured were you before you got your license?

Anyways, now that I know you're a rookie I can skip over your inciteful comments even faster than before.
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