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MikeSchinkel 09-21-2004 05:41 PM

Re: Hyosung the next Honda?
Stay least away from the 250 and at least for a short time. Two of the different brit bikes mags I read (can't remember which but probably Bike and Ride) both said it handles somewhat like grocery store shopping cart (ok, I'm embellishing...)

Seriously, they said the 125 and 650 were nice, but the 250 handled very poorly and was weedy.

And they said the 650 would be nice except its not that much less than the Suzuki SV650 and the zook is much nicer.

OTOH, Motocyclist said that the 650 engine rocks!

All that said, these are probably teething marks they'll overcome within a few years. Aas you say, they are definitely one to watch!

seruzawa 09-21-2004 06:31 PM

Re: Hyosung the next Honda?
There's a billboard on I-15 here that shows two people on a DP bike. The sign says something like "350cc for $1,500." I couldn't see the manufacturer's name but I assume it's Chinese.

It's be nice to see someone try to offer DP bikes at less than the ridiculous prices that the Japanese are asking for DP bikes. If they can offer any decent reliability and support they may just put some spark back in that class of bikes.

I just think that $3000 for a 200cc DP bike is ridiculous.

pplassm 09-21-2004 07:34 PM

Re: Hyosung the next Honda?
I've seen quite a few of the small kid sized Chinese bikes around my home in Richmond, VA.

I have heard mixed reviews from various sources. Most say the mechanical components (engine, frame, suspension, etc) are good, but the bikes fall short in detail work, and I've heard people having carburetor problems.

Can't beat the price, though, especially on the small ones. In our overly consumptive society, they'll all probably do just fine.

pplassm 09-21-2004 07:36 PM

I'd like to hear more about this, if you pass by there again.

TravisT 09-21-2004 10:25 PM

Hyosung- the next garbage
I've lived in South Korea for 3 years and the only reason for owning a Hyosung or Daelim bike is if you live in Korea it's easy and dirt cheap to get them fixed here. I can't imagine owning one of these back in North America where labor and parts cost $$$.

mile_eater 09-22-2004 01:52 AM

You have to be kidding me...
1) There is no UJM? What's the nighthawk? What's the SV-650? What's the z750? What's the Eliminator 125?

2) The next honda? There is no next Honda. If Toyota or GM started a motorcycle company... that, and only that, could be the next Honda.

SRMark 09-22-2004 02:53 AM

Re: Hyosung the next Honda?
Looking at how quickly Kia and Hyundai have gained market share and improved the quality of their cars as share increased, I'd be keeping an eye on Hysoyung if I were in the motorcycle manufacturing business. Honda entered the waters with little foo-foo bikes, built market share, offered bulletproof bikes and moved aggressively into larger displacement markets. I have a 1998 Sportage that is holding its value well (how I don't know 'cause it's crap). I've looked at a few newer Kias and they have come a long way since '98. (Yes, I buy American where there is a decent enough product, but the Kia belonged to my father.)

seruzawa 09-22-2004 03:12 AM

Re: Hmmmmm.
I'm heading in that direction again this weekend. I'll check it out.

waepoint 09-22-2004 03:16 AM

Re: Hyosung the next Honda?
I can see the ad campaign now: "You meet the best hung people on a Hyosung."

Or not.

seruzawa 09-22-2004 03:21 AM

Re: You have to be kidding me...
The 750 Nighthawk has been dropped. You can get a 250 though. I'd love to see you on one in full leathers and one of those new nifty Italian Power Ranger helmets.

Triumph makes British Universal Motorcycles (BUMs). Bonnevilles and Thunderbirds.

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