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Default Re: Hmmmmm.

My error. The billboard is situated so that you only get about 30 seconds to see it. I got a better look today. It's advertising Quangjiang motorcycles. They are advertising a 150cc parallel twin street bike for $999.

Sorry 'bout that.

Come back safe, hear?
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Default Hyosung information

I have been researching Korean bikes for a while now and I think Hyosung will make its mark.

Personally, I think thier cruisers will get them in the door here in the US. The Comet 650 is not different enough from the SV650...it all depends on thier price point. A guy from AlphaSports (US distributor) said the 650 just passed emissions and they are waiting on the paperwork.

The 650 Aquila cruiser is cool, check this out...


There are a lot of people who want a harley but don't want to pop for one. A Dualsport like the VStrom 650 would be great too...only make it look cool.

Here are some other links for info on Hyosung...



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