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Default Re: (as quoted by my ex-wife)

"The doctor said I could take all of those so it must be ok" after I found her mountain of 'scrip drugs. I figured she was just drunk all the time

Limits are a tough call, once the cats out of the bag it's hard to keep a coller on them. The trouble is with this type of behavior you get loads of negetive publicity. All it takes is some politician with an axe to grind looking for a cause, and these nit-wits blazing past @ 140 flipping him off and we all look like fools

What we need is the AMA to get off this stupid helmet law fight and start working on countering the bad publicity the guys cause us.
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Default Re: New breed of bikers rides into danger zone

A different opinion and a good one.

I should have said "...wasn't sold..." as opposed to "...could not be sold...". I would be upset if regulations became involved because they would surely be overboard and take the thrill out of what's so great about motorcycles. I guess my point in a more general statement was if there wasn't so much focus on hp then more focus may be put on riding skills.

I'm a little sensitive these days as these squids in and around Chicago are going to ruin my good time. They are killing themselves left and right on the interstates and the whole city seems to be talking about it. Now there is talk of helmet laws and legislation and blah blah blah. Now anytime I'm seen on the road on my red crotch rocket (never mind it's a sport tourer) I'm lumped in to the squid category. These knobs are really irritating me. I guess it's really not a joke when people talk about Darwinism running its course.
\"Wait, I think I just -- Yea, I just had an idea.\"
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