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Default Re: I'm gonna puke!!

The guy is dead. He died because he bashed his skull on ground. We're talking about a helmet, airbags are 'high-zoot'. I don't know about other places but around here construction workers have to have head protection in the form of a helmet and proper safety boots. I won't bother getting into the reasons why they do it should be obvious. It's the same think for motorcycles. As you said, motorcycling is dangerous, and the 'freedom' thing really is over used with this issue. You should at least try prevent cracking your skull open. Where I live insurance on sports bikes is out of sight right now and the reason is that there are people that ride around in running shoes, a t-shirt and shorts (helmets are mandatory here). These folks end up in the hospital for months in recovery, costing the insurance companies money, and therefore me. If you want to be 'free', fine, but you shouldn't expect other people to pick up the bill.
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Default Re: You are exactly right!!

I'm sorry that this guy died, it is a tragedy, but it was entirely his fault. Sure, some things are dangerous, but when you know that, then you should prepare. Sex is fun, but you wouldn't bang some hookers without a condom, or jaywalk across a busy highway at night, or eat raw red meat that has been sitting outside for a couple days, and you shouldn't ride a motorcycle without a helmet unless you want to die.
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Default Re: It's helmets not assault weapons.

Whoopass, I think that KPaul is like most of us; thinking, caring and free spirited. The AR15 and SKS are weapons that LOOK really powerful and the issue with the gun-control folks is to keep power out of the hands of the individual.

Both those issues have a common root, for us. That root is education and understanding of the equipment - just like riding our motorcycles - owning, using and enjoying the technology are a lifestyle and life-defining.

Sorry that the guy did his dangerous stuff without protective gear, but I am sure that's what he wanted to do - his choice. Don't limit the choices of others, just train everyone to make these decisions from information rather from uninformed "gut instinct" alone.

So, when you pass one of them guys in a muscle-shirt and parachute pants, just smile inside your helmet and even offer 'em a wave - it's a choice, and it's THEIR choice in my country!


Time for some beers!
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Default Re: I'm gonna puke!!

Steady now,

I feel your pain, but most are heart felt comments that are trying to use the tragedy to help persuage the younguns to don a lid.

I myself do not ride anywhere without lid + leathers, as we say in England, Leather, Leather, no matter the weather. But I support everyones right to choose,

I would prefer that the baseline for new bikers is with the lid, lets face it, not all of us can go through life without a major spill, at least not before the final one, without a lid a low speed fall can kill you. I would much prefer that until you have acquired a certain level of skill that all precautions are taken.

While it is upsetting to see a tragedy beeing used as marketing collaterla in support of wearing a helmet, the sentiment is honourable and in no way demeans the talent or humanity of Larry Indian.

I never knew him, but one less biker makes the world a sadder place.

Best wishes to his family, they can take some comfort for from the life he lived and the manner of his passing. Good luck to you all

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Default Re: I'm gonna puke!!

My apologies Indian Larry
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Default Re: life at 85

If I live to 85, I'll eat scissors and run on water.
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Default Indian Larry built the best stuff

I think Indian Larry built the very best stuff on the custom chopper market. I wouldn't ride anything but Indian Larry if I was a custom chopper nut.

Larry died like he lived-- without limits and sober to boot!

Godspeed, Indian Larry!
The Truth About Building Wealth and Freedom
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Default Re: Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

<B>I had a buddy survive a crash 2 weeks ago that most likely would have killed him, had he not have been wearing a helmet.


Novelty helmets suck almost as bad as not wearing one at all.

I've been riding 44 years. Helmets saved my life 7 times when I was younger and less cautious.</B>
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